Chapter 1  3
      Introduction   3
1.1   Background.. 3
1.2    Problem Description.. 3
1.3    Research Objectives. 3
1.4    Gantt Chart. 4
1.5   Thesis Organization.. 4












































Chapter 1

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In this
chapter, a detail introduction of the fundamental concepts related the
presented thesis is discussed. In the latter half of the chapter, problem
description and research objectives are described.

1.1   Background

With the rapid advancement of network technology,
multimedia information is transmitted over the Internet conveniently. Various
confidential data such a similarity map sand commercial identifications are transmitted
over the Internet. While using secret images, security issue should be taken in
to consideration because hackers may utilize weak link over communication
network to steal information that they want. To deal with the security problems
of secret images, various image secret sharing schemes have been developed.

Visual cryptography is a cryptographic technique
which allows visual information (e.g. printed text, hand written not sand
pictures) to be encrypted in such a way that the decryption can be performed by
the human visual system, without the a id of computers. 


1.1.2 Cryptography for better Authentication


The cryptographic
techniques provide a secure method of authentication for any kind of system or
provide a high level of security. Cryptography Scheme is an encryption method
that uses combinatorial techniques to encode secret written materials.



Today, most applications are only as secure as their underlying
system. Since the design and technology of middleware has improved steadily,
their detection is a dif?cult problem. As a result, it is nearly impossible to
be sure whether a computer that is connected to the internet can be considered
trustworthy and secure or not. The question is how to handle applications that
require a high level of security. For advance kind authentication different
cryptography techniques are used visual cryptography is one of them



The prime objective of this project is to ensure the
security of information (in this case image) transformation by creating image




Sharing images using visual


Gantt Chart  










1.5 Thesis Organization

In rest
of this the thesis, the related work, the used approach, details of the experiments
and their results are presented. This thesis is divided into a set of chapters
and each chapter is dedicated for each phase of the research. Below is the
detail of the chapters of this thesis:

Chapter 2
describes the related work reviewed in the literature. In this chapter, the
findings of the literature review are discussed with the gap of research
identified in the target area of research.

research methodology to support interpretation of software requirements using
semantic technology is described in detail in Chapter 3.


Chapter 4, a set of core construction/model/framework of the presented thesis.

Chapter 5, a set of experiments were performed to test the performance of the
presented approach accompanied with the results and discussion of the results.

Chapter 6
presents the concluded work, and future work of the presented research in this


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