ContentManagement SystemERP and other systems are used to control the departmentsand operations of the business. Today, whether the business is small or big,the digital presence is necessary for every business to create awareness aboutthe business and to allow the customers to interact with the business.

And forthat purpose, other than ERP and other systems, the most important system to bedeployed is “CMS”.CMS The content management system known as CMS in short term isbasically a software application just like ERP and other systems that is usedto create, edit and manage the digital content. CMS is basically used for twopurposes: enterprise content management known as ECM in short and the webcontent management known as WCM in short. The basic function of an ECM is topromote the partnership in the workplace by combining document management andthe digital management of assets and providing customers with the access to thedigital assets of the company. A WCM in the same way promotes the partnered authoringfor websites. ECM software often includes a publishing functionality of WCM,but ECM webpages usually remain before the firewall of the company.Both ECM and WCM have two parts: a content managementapplication known as CMA in short and a content delivery application known as CDAin short.

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The content management application is also a graphical user interfaceknown as GUI in short, that allows the people using it to control the creation,editing and removal of some content from a website without requiring knowing anythingabout HTML. The content delivery application provides the services at theback-end which support management and deliverance of the web content once ithas been created in the content management application.When somebody talks about Enterprise Content ManagementSystem known as ECM in short, they may be talking about a CMS application witha reasonable track record made to support the requirements of a large scalecompany or a large scale CMS in order. The main task of a CMS related to a webis to provide the room for multiple users with different permissions or levelsof administration and security to manage a website or a part of the content.For instance, website can be taken which has Blogs, Articles,and Press Releases etc. and assign each part of a section to the users tocreate, modify or edit and archive. A CMS is a software application thatpromotes making, editing, modifying, organizing and publishing the content. Thereare numerous tasks that can be done through a CMS in order to have a viablepresence on the digital media.

Features andattributes of CMSAttributes can vary according to the different offerings ofCMS, but the main functions are mostly considered to be categorization, findand retrieval, format operations and publishing.Intuitive categorization, find and retrieval featurescategorize all data for easy access through functions of search and allow theusers to find by attributes such as date of publish and through keywords or nameof the author. The CMS includes easy administration that is all the tasksthat needs to be managed can be managed easily at the main page of the CMS.Publishing tools allow the users to publish and manage their contentimmediately. The website can be integrated with other social media networksthrough the CMS that is link to company’s Facebook or twitter page can beattached on website. And the most important feature that is provided by the CMSis the analytics that shows from where the people are coming to the web of thecompany and that makes the company learn about their potential customers.  A content management system can also be vibrant forone-to-one marketing.

One-to-one marketing is the ability of a website to modifythe content and promoting to a user’s attributes using data given by the user.That can be better understood as if the user visits Google and searches for jeans;the advertising banners would show the businesses that sell jeans instead ofbusinesses that sell mobile phones.The following are some other popular attributes of CMS:·        URLs are search engine optimization friendly·        Online help and discussion areas·        Systems that provide group based permissions·        File managers are integrated·        Easy wizard-based install and updatingprocedures·        Admin panel is available in multiple languages·        Templates that can be customized·        Content options with unlimited depth and size isavailable·        Minimal requirements of the server·        Audit logs are integratedCMS SoftwareProviders There is a huge list of CMS offerings available for the useof personal and enterprise related. The following are a few of the examples ofCMS software providers:1.       SharePoint It is a CMS owned by Microsoft which isused to create the content. It is one of the basic systems with some broadcapabilities.

 2.       TERMINALFOURIt is a CMS used mainly for web contentmanagement of educational institutes. It also provides digital marketingsupport with the web content management. 3.       M-Files It is mainly used by enterprises forsharing the documents and files on the web. It is made especially for thecompanies. 4.       Word PressIt is the most popular CMS in the world andis used to create, identify, explore and modify the digital presence.

It can beused by any individual or company to manage the content digitally. 5.       Oracle Web CenterIt is a complete enterprise contentmanagement system that is the most cost effective and viable for theenterprises provided by the Oracle.

It provides an organization a completehouse for creating, editing and checking the content management of the company. 6.       PulseIt is a CMS used for mainly small sitesthat are owned by individuals or small businesses. It allows its users tocreate the digital content.

 7.       BackdropIt is a simple and very easy to use interms of CMS. It is also widely used by small businesses.   8.       JoomlaIt is a free and easy to use contentmanagement system to create web presence.

It is very user friendly as well.  Other than the mentioned above CMS, there are many other CMSas well. But the above mentioned CMS are the most notable ones.

They are widelyused by the businesses from all over the world to interact with their customersand are helping the businesses to grow. 


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