Consumer trust is one of the issues that be predicted tohappen in mobile commerce .Consumer trust is a major concern issues for mobilecommerce and especially in its businesses. It is the key role in mobile commercebecause to gain consumer trust very hard and need some strategy to apply to sustainin the businesses .It is very important to recognise and know the user’s trust andalso overwhelming task to build and gain consumer trust in mobile commerceindustry. Consumer wants see the good opportunities in mobile commerceenvironment that have a good and strong of security environment and can reachits potential in maximization profit in business.

The companies such as networkproviders and vendors demand to create and gain their consumer trust in thisindustry in order to increase the user of the mCommerce system. There are some factorsthat influence the trust of consumer in mobile commerce and need to emphasizeby the company. Siau et al.

(2003) mentioned that the usability of mobiledevices, usability of m-commerce website, security of mobile transaction,information quality, privacy of customer information, trustworthiness ofproduct vendors, reliability of wireless services, effect of culture and qualityof product are the influenced factors on user trust in mobile commerce.Other than that, according to Yeh and Li (2009), said that the satisfaction, brand image and customisationall directly affecting customer trust towards the mobile vendor in mobile commerceand customisation brand image correspondingly had a stronger direct effect ontrust formation and in addition, interactivity and responsiveness had anindirect impact via satisfaction on user trust towards the mobile vendor. It meansthat the customisation, brand image and satisfaction of the user towards the companyprovided can intensely affect the consumer trust and need to be considered bycompany to gain its consumer trust towards its product services. Furthermore, theunapproved payment, wrong and late delivery and non-conformity products interms of products specifications like the image in advertising is superb butdifferent products has deliver, also relate to gain consumer trust towards themobile vendor and can affect the sales of its products and services. Consumertrust is important to study by organizations and necessary to be apply to itscustomer to get the trust but some cases that the delivery of low or fakequality product, not effective communication and security will form a badconsumer trust towards mobile commerce product services and the vendor companyprovider. 


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