Theory is one of the major theories in human behavior and the social
environment. It begins with Karl Marx (who is known as the father of communism)
and his analysis of history in the mid-1800s. Marx believed that one’s social
class has a huge impact on the many conflicts individuals face. He believed
that these conflicts arose from two main classes of people, which include the
bourgeoisie, people who own the tools used to make money, and the proletariat
which are the workers of the bourgeoisie. Marx believed that these two groups always
have conflict because the bourgeoisie exploits the Proletarian by unjustly
distributing resources (Engels 1886). In a capitalist society this issue will
never fade. Eventually the Proletarians realized that they were being exploited
as conditions got worse and revolted on demanding change. Marx believed if a
capitalist system stays in place this conflict will continue to exist. Over the
years the Conflict Theory expanded to cover conflicts such as race, gender,
sexuality, Religion, government, schools etc. Basically, anything where people
are not on the same page. People with power in our society will do anything to
keep their power while the little people are struggling to gain the resources
they need.

Statement of Theory

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            The focus is how power imbalance and structures impact
people’s lives. The Conflict Theory looks at society as a battlefield
generating conflict and social change. This is due to the inequalities within
our society, and the problems they cause between the rich and the poor for
scarce resources and power. Have you ever wondered how individuals bring change
to society? Marx believed society progresses through conflict. It’s how control,
power and abuse are regulated. Have you ever wondered why there are many poor
people in America, the main reason is social conflict. America does not provide
the same opportunities to people who are poor as they do with the rich. For
example, two people may apply for a job; however, one comes from a poor
background and the other from a rich background. With social conflict that
exists in America the person from the rich family has a higher chance of landing
the job. This can also be said of a person of color and a white person.

            The conflict Theory goes hand in hand with the Feminist
Theory. Men were always seen to have more power than women economically because
men had the opportunity to work while women had to stay home and care for her
family. Men believed that a women’s role is to find a husband, reproduce, cook
and clean. This brought conflict, inequality between men and women. Woman
eventually fought for their rights through legal and political means. Achieving
their goals such as allowing women join the army.

Major Concepts

major concept of the conflict theory is that all social orders propagate a few
types of abuse and treachery and auxiliary imbalance. Social change is an
effect of conflict. It shows how unstable a society can be with unpredictable
change.  Periods of change interrupts
periods of stability. This is proven by war, fallen governments and shifts of
power. Conflict is basically when power is unequally distributed and some
groups dominate others. This brings about social order which is based on the
manipulation and control by elite groups. Although it gives a discouraging
outlook on life, Conflict Theory to me gives the best explanation of society.
It explains religion, government, social change, and many other aspects of
society. It explains the quote “the rich is getting richer and the poor is
getting poorer” The rich feed off the poor to keep them rich. Conflict Theory
shows the life is not characterized by consensus its characterized by conflict.
Without conflict there will be no change. Every society, every racial group,
every human being forms an oppression because of the injustice and social

to Theory

            Conflict Theory shows the role of
power in a society. It shows how inequality exists through unequal distribution
of resources. There are many resources that only the rich are allowed to use.
Individuals advance with the different resources that are available to them.
Conflict theory focuses on the broad issues in society so therefore the
Macro-level practice is put in place. “Macro social workers advise
government leaders and drive public awareness of the issues” They work at the
community and systems level. While working with clients Conflict theory is
useful in creating assessments. By conducting an assessment the client begins
by describing the nature of the conflict. There are many steps a social worker
should take while making an assessment. First, the social worker should
evaluate their client’s conflict and look at it in from their client’s
perspective and the perspective of the other party (the system).  Secondly, evaluating the role of the higher
power in the conflict and your client’s views toward that power. You should
also discuss things such as the client’s dependency toward that power, their
views and to discuss the actual conflict arising from that specific power
source. You should talk about the goals your client may have and how the
specific conflict might get in the way of their goals. You should discuss
different strategies that might be useful in solving this conflict. And talk
about how the “power source” might change their behavior to manage the conflict
that is being addressed. Also, by looking at the history of the conflict and
analyzing nay previous attempts   in
trying to solve the conflict and identifying possible future solutions.



to Diverse Groups

 Homelessness is a huge problem United States “the number of homeless
families rose by close to 30 percent between 2007 and 2009”
(Champion, 2010). It can be connected to the Conflict
Theory because of capitalism being one of the main reasons for homelessness in
America. Many say that the reasons for the continuous rise of homelessness are
financial factors (lack of money). The government states there are lots of
resources for the homeless but there has yet we still see a homeless person in
almost every corner in NYC. Looking at the census department there are more
than 18.9 million vacant housing units in the U.S. ( Barak Obama
once wrote “it is simply unacceptable for individuals, children, families and
our veterans to be faced with homelessness in this country,” but then how can
the rise of the homeless be explained?

Many people look at wealthy people and say that they
worked hard to get where they are through education, hard work, and dedication.
While they look at poor people as being lazy and not wanting to be educated.
They believe that “poor” people just want to take advantage of the system when
in reality it’s the system taking advantage of them.


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