Concussions are a brain injury that is mostly temporary, and includes headaches, and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. Concussions are mostly caused by a hard blow to the head or the violently shaking of the head or upper body. The most likely way  to get a concussion is by playing contact sport, or having a rigorous job. They symptoms of concussions are not always easy to spot, but symptoms can last for days, weeks and if in a bad case even months. Symptoms may include Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head, Temporary loss of consciousness, Confusion or feeling as if in a fog, Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event, Dizziness or “seeing stars”, Ringing in the ears, Nausea, Vomiting, Slurred speech, Delayed response to questions, Appearing dazed, and Fatigue.

These symptoms are symptoms that you might get right away but some take time to develop: Concentration and memory complaints, Irritability and other personality changes, Sensitivity to light and noise, Sleep disturbances, Psychological adjustment problems and depression, and Disorders of taste and smell. A violent blow to the head can cause your brain to slide back and forth between the inner walls of the skull. This injury can cause bleeding in or around the brain which can be fatal. But most concussions don’t get this bad and the symptoms go away in a couple of days. When getting a concussion most likely the person is taken to the doctor and tested. One of the tests your doctor gives you is the neurology exam which tests your: vision, strength and sensation, hearing, balance, coordination, and reflexes. Another test is cognitive exam and this exam tests your: memory, concentration, and the ability to recall information.

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Imaging tests helps the patient and the doctor to know how severe the brain injury is. After a severe concussion patients will stay at the hospital for 24 hours to be observed, also if they are sent home most outpatients are watched by family members carefully and are not able to sleep for the first 3 hours to make sure there is no bad brain damage. To treat a concussion the most successful way is rest. A doctor will recommend that a patient physically and mentally rest for a couple of days.

The rest may also include mentally not getting active, which means no school work, videogames, watching TV, and reading. The doctor may recommend to shorten there workday or schoolday allowing them to get breaks and not taking on a full day. When symptoms improve the patient may take on more things like going to school, doing homework, or going to work. Major physical activity is not advised until on the symptoms are gone and after a week or a few have passed.

When an athlete gets a concussion then there is a protocol to be followed. The athlete can not play his or her sport for at least a week and then has to pass there exams to be able to get back on the field. As and example of a concussion I will tell you about mine.

When I got a concussion I was playing soccer for arkansas high school against lake hamilton high school. We were playing in lake hamilton and it was the second half of the game, when a girl from the other team jumped up for the ball and i was getting ready to kick it and hit me in the head with her knee. After this i really don’t remember much but this is what my mom and my teammates told me what happend. I collapsed on the field like I blacked out and they called the game to a pause and got me off the field for the athletic trainer came to look at me. She checked my head and my vision; i could not walk straight and i was very dizzy. She asked me to remember three words and then asked my about three minutes later to tell her the words and i could only remember one. This allowed her to know that i really had a concussion.

After that the game was coming to a close and my mom and friends mom walked me to the car and we drove home. The next day my mom took me to the doctor to get checked out and then a week later i was able to play soccer again. This is what a concussion is like.Sources


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