Concrete is a mixture of
water, cement and aggregate. In addition, some reinforcing materials and
additives are added to the concrete mixture to achieve the desired (physical)
properties of the material. We want to mix these ingredients together to form a
group of rigid liquids that can be easily modeled in some way. For example,
beams, pillars, plates and the component as having a unique cement properties,
facilitate binding / (agglomerates and water) adhesive /, and converted into
hard material and has a variety of uses. The famous concrete structure is the
Roman Pantheon, the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal. The largest unforced
reinforced concrete dome in the world is the Pantheon. The Colosseum is a huge
concrete structure in Rome. The Roman empire and the Romans first used concrete
technology. When the collapse of the Roman Empire collapsed, specific
techniques were rarely used until the mid-18th century. This is a versatile and
convenient product that has been widely used today for its strength. Concrete
is also called “artificial material”.

In the previous discussion,
concrete was a mixture of fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, water and cement,
but is sometimes referred to as “modern concrete” when a mixture is
added. In order to improve and improve the performance of concrete, it is
necessary to add a mixture to the concrete. Concrete is popular for its
durability and low maintenance.

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Concrete has excellent
versatility, durability and strength. Concrete is an economically viable blend
that can easily be shaped into the desired shape. The training rate is defined
as “concrete positioning, compression and easy organization called
workability”. Workability depends on the water / cement ratio. Correct and
perfect in the concrete executable. The concrete can be colored with the help
of pigments. Furthermore, the finish of this range vibrates between the rough
surface and the smooth surface of the glass.  


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