Either verbal, nonverbal or written, communication is the most important factor to share the experiences, views, data, and information, to open the bottleneck of the project management process.  Without communication Project manager cannot get the true and useful evidence from the team members involved in the project. However, they will be unable to know the baseline of the project which later results in the failure.

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In true words, Project manager is a driver, while communication is four wheels of an automobile, with the collaboration of both project drives to a determined destination. On the contrary, there are many examples where degree of communication decides the rate of success of the project. 20% of projects doesn’t stand for last because of ineffective communication. Project managers evaluates the data, which they get by communicating with the different parts of the organization and then process it to implement new concepts. In some organizations it is quite important to get estimate about the product’s demand in the market.

To launch new deliverables, project manager communicates with the customers and suppliers, to know the need and scope of the product in the market.In August 2005 a destructive hurricane named Katrina strikes Louisiana (U.S). It took 24 hours for White house to know about the failure of levees near New Orleans river, which allow the sea water to enter the residential area.

Due to emerging water, people lived there faced great loss of lives and money. This was a result of bad communication between Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and White House. If proper networking in the emergency worked, then upper management was able to announce high alert in the area and people could be moved to a safe place.

Reflective Practices. A successful project demands open communication network from lower authorities to upper ruling classes. If we learn about some effective projects in the past then we shall find that a good communication network increases the transparency, objectivity, accessibility, and stability of the project and all these responsibilities are on the project manager.  (Internal and externals)                                                                              DealersClients                                                                                                             Suppliers &        (Group of Stakeholders)                                                                          Technical TeamOrganization                                                                                                Project Team &                  Introduction.

A successful Project Manager should have great communication skills. Project manager is one who launches new ideas and implements them to meet the organization’s expectations. As a project manager, it’s crucial to settle down communication links between the stakeholders so that they can understand the whole process of the project. Project managers rely on communications within a project to help, motivate, manage, and ensure that the project is moving forward towards its objectives.


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