CONCLUSION This paper has aimed to investigate competitive advantages,opportunities, and challenges of the health tourism in India. By reviewing theliterature and secondary data sources into the economic perspective, the resultsof this investigation have been summarized into the SWOT analysis shown at theend of the finding section. (Table X).  Despite India’s health tourism has gained competitiveadvantages regarding the cost of medical treatments and has received many foreigntourists from other countries. India still has to improve in order to becomeone of the top countries in the health tourism market. Based on our analysis inthis paper, we have proposed some recommendations with the objective for Indiato promote itself as the best health tourism destination. It is believed thatwith the successful implementation of these recommendations the health tourismsector in India will be developed and make the positive impact on society andthe country’s economic growth.

 To overcome challenges of the health tourism in India, thegovernment has a major responsibility to balance between the welfare of localsagainst the economic benefits generated by health tourism. India’s governmentneed to establish a strong policy to minimize inequalities in India’shealthcare system and develop human resource into the health tourism market. Ithas commonly been assumed that the quality education system would develop healthcaretechnologies and knowledge to offer quality services to health tourists and aswell as improve the global reputation in quality healthcare service. (Sultana,Haque, Momen & Yasmin, 2014) As expressed earlier in thisreport, health tourism studies are a very broad sector which should involve thestudy for both traveling to another destination in order to receive medicaltreatments or wellness purposes. However, even medical tourism itself can bedivided into separate categories including the traveling for serious medicaltreatments i.

e. heart valve replacement or for cosmetic surgery services. whilethere are many studies on health tourism, this study was limited by the absenceof data analysis in term of wellness tourism perspective. More information onthe wellness tourism would help us to establish a greater degree of accuracy onthis analysis.


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