are the reason for the development of the world and standard of living of us”.
These words of my sister in childhood made me to think of computers. Eventually/Ultimately,
my interest in this field increased () and I started following worldwide trends
in technologies. Active participation in technical and non-technical events, attending
talks on popular trends, this is how my childhood passed.

interest in computers became sparkled as I opted to study my bachelors in ‘Computer
and Communication Engineering’ at the institution Manipal Institute of
Technology in 2013. The four years of under graduation were my best years as I
actually studied and implemented the things of my passion. Developing various
applications, gaining more knowledge from professors, Finding and removing bugs
from the code, all these were my daily routine things during this period. Due
to interest, I studied programming language java and developed various
applications based on it.

In my second
year of bachelors, I attended workshop on “Big Data Analytics Application
Development on IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform” by IBM. This workshop helped me to
gain my interest in Data Science and Analytics and subsequently I started
exploring myself in this technology. Also the subjects in my coursework ‘Data
Mining and Predictive Analysis’ and ‘Hadoop Programming Lab’ helped to gain
practical overview of analytics. Reading and implementing various IEEE papers
extended my knowledge and I started analyzing day-today-things like social
media and stocks. Because of my interest in this field I choose ‘Statistical
Analysis and Applications’ and ‘Machine Learning’ as program electives in sixth
and seventh semester respectively.

In summer
holidays of 2016 I joined organization ‘HCL Info systems’ as a Software
Developer. Here I extended my knowledge on Hadoop concepts and worked on
projects ‘Data Deduplication’ and ‘Cabinet Ministry Prediction’. This experience
improved my concepts and gave me chance to work on Hadoop and social media.

Along with
the academics, I was always active in a college in technical and non-technical
activities. I participated in a Microsoft Hackathon, where as a team of 3
people we developed “Pool my Ride” android application using Azure cloud which
helps people to share their own car rides. In the cultural college fest Revels,
I was a Coordinator of Infodesk category where I managed finances of fest by
leading team of 15 people. In the summer vacations, I was part of social activities
like Blood Donation Camp, Medical check-ups, Eye and Body part donation camps
under Trimurti Foundation, Jalgaon.

In campus
recruitment process, I got placement in Wipro Technologies which offered me
internship as well as Full Time Employment. As a part of final year project, I
joined Wipro Technologies as Intern where I worked on development of various
dashboards. Here, I worked on Web Development and Analytics. In order to
develop dashboards, I analyzed and reframed database in order to get optimized
results. Positive feedback on my work from organization and daily reporting it
to college helped me to secure Grade A (9/10) in my project work. I completed under
graduation with a Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) of 7.46 out of a maximum
of 10 points.

After my bachelors,
I started working in Wipro Technologies as a “Project Engineer”. I will be
completing one year of experience by August 2018. I am currently working on
Network configuration using technologies LTE, Analytics and Java. I am also working
as a Test Engineer for checking and evaluating a signal quality in mobile
networks. This experience is giving me exposure to industrial work where I am
learning different methods of handling and resolving several issues. As I am
working on client project, I am becoming familiar to working culture and
environment of global organizations.

of Data Science and Analytics concepts in Undergraduate school and experience
in organizations aspires me to do graduate studies in this field. I aspire ()
to pursue Master of Science in at which
is one of the highly recognized and honorable institution in United States of
America. My aim is to perceive more and more knowledge in this field and
participate myself in research work. The quality education of
will surely help me to




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