Computers have been one of the inventions of the 21st century that has become a huge impact on everyone’s lives. They entertain us and have made our lives so much more easier. People of the 21st century can send emails and instant messages, post pictures and videos, chat with another person by using a webcam, and spread news faster than ever before.

Yes, many people believe computer communication has given timid people to become more open to express themselves, but this kind of communication has obstructed us from developing interpersonal skills, limits our ability to have meaningful relationships, and can have many risks to our lives.       People should not spend so much time on the computer to communicate with another person. Staring at a computer screen for a really long time can make anyone’s eyes light sensitive. Other problems it can lead to are laziness, obesity, and other health issues (physically and mentally).

Computer communication seems like a useful tool for anyone who needs to bring about their ideas a lot faster, especially for people who usually don’t interact with people face to face. Although, when a person approaches an individual in front of them, that person acts either inappropriately or weirdly towards that individual. That person does not have the ability to socialize with that individual normally.     Another controversy in this situation are people who create spams and viruses and who cyberbully an innocent person. We can’t really tell if the website that we may be visiting is trustable or if the person is real and links that may lead us to create dangers and risks to our lives.

Anyone can steal your personal information and use it against you. The computer itself is a public place to save or post items that anyone can see. It creates a big question to everyone’s minds, how can we tell if someone I am talking with is real and not a a guy who isn’t up to good things.      Computer communication is one of the best inventions ever created for the 21st century, but there are many concerns in terms of safety of someone’s mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

This type of communication can damage a generation of youth being social. Eventually, future generations might not know how to interact with someone they can physically, and not virtually, touch. Also, the future of computer communication can turn against us, believing anything we see in instant messages and anonymous emails without taking certain precautions.


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