Computer Science has an impact in every part of our lives from banking to the way we play music; from movies and video games and its importance will only grow every year. I want to be part of computer science’s progress into the future. The first time I used a computer, I was only 7 years old. I will spend hours using windows software known as ‘Paint’ and play games all day long. I will try to draw anything I could possibly think of. Slowly my interest in computing started growing and started using different software which windows had to offer and explore more about the computing world. Around the age of 9 school introduced me to Microsoft Office which helped me a lot with school homework’s. I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 ICT Extended Diploma which has increased my desire to want to know more about this subject. I have gained good amount of knowledge of how the computers works, the theory behind computers and why do we require computer scientists in computing world. My interest in computer science has also grown because during my BTEC Level 3 coursework I had to create a little program for gym members which they could use to calculate their performance related statistics such as their BMI and BMR. That allowed me to use programming language known as Python to code the program. It was very fascinating finding out how the program and software really works and how the algorithms are designed for computers to carry out tasks quickly. I have advanced my programing skills using python to develop program and further programming techniques in procedural programming. By gaining this knowledge, I feel more confident as my problem solving has developed while doing creating this program, which I am currently in the process of completing. I am enjoying the experience of the project, not only with the procedural programming but the process of the project – from the analysis to the testing. It is very important to be more scientific in your thinking to study computer science as arguments need supporting evidence before they are proved.I had one week work experience at IT Support Company known as Fitzrovia Ltd. They gave me great insight into how the computing business works and also increased my interest in computer science as I could see what situations I will be dealing with when I get a job. There they taught how they secured their customers passwords, how they could access their customers computers remotely and give them the IT support they require. The skills I was able to take out from this work experience were communication and punctuality. Communication is key in a professional IT support job in each department from reception to IT support desk and another skill I was able to take out from this experience was punctuality, meeting deadlines is very crucial because if you don’t then your client will not be happy and might consider moving to another IT support company. Since July 2016, I have been working at Papa John’s East Croydon as CSR where I directly communicate with customers to take their orders or sort out any issues they have, this has improved my communication and problem-solving skills. I also work with great people who are very supportive and when its busy time all of us have to work together which has strengthened my team work skills. After university, I want to pursue a career as a professional software developer when I have completed my studies and create softwares which will benefit people in their daily life. I wish to be part of major development projects and be in the forefront of inventing new technologies. Completing my degree studies at your university should provide the perfect platform for me to achieve my aspirations, and I eagerly look forward to the opportunity.


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