Pizza is one of the most common and probably the most popular dish in America and Europe. Arguments about what a good pizza or bad pizza is are almost ambiguous as people base their arguments on totally different issues. Some argue on health facts while others base their arguments on how juicy or delicious the pizza might be. The essay will try and put all these arguments together to give a general idea of what a good pizza and a bad pizza is. A perfect pizza is one that would satisfy the health experts as healthy while maintaining its attractiveness and good taste.

A good pizza has a deep dish and is well stuffed. The pizza crust is made sufficiently thick rather than a small cardboard like crust. Cheese in almost synonymous to any kind of pizza and literally defines the quality of the pizza; a good pizza has its cheese balanced to perfection. Sauce, herbs and herbs are another important component of a good pizza and are some of the few components that are have been recommended by health experts as healthy additions to the pizza. Sauce, toppings, cheese and bacon filled over a well balanced crust are a great way of ensuring that the pizza is top rated as they ensure a thicker pizza that is always welcomed by pizza lovers.

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To guarantee an excellent pizza, a bit of adventure is inevitable; a good pizza is one that is uniquely made with interesting additions bound to water mouths. Special seasoning, spiced sauce and a careful mix of meat and vegetable toppings are bound to produce a great pizza. Health implications of pizzas cannot be ignored while defining what a good pizza is. Pizzas have been rated as one of the top dishes that contribute to obesity.

A good pizza is therefore one that is constituted of healthy ingredients and additions. The meat additions could be dry baked instead if being pan fried or deep fried to ensure that they have low levels of harmful fats. In healthy pizzas, portions of healthy toppings like vegatables are increased while the harmful red meat portions are reduced. This ensures that the pizza retains the great meaty taste while reducing the harmful fats taken in. A good pizza has controlled levels of cheese and fat.

A bad pizza may be deemed so for a variety or reasons depending on how much knowledge the person rating it has about pizzas. An extremely thin, burned and/or soggy crust would definitely result in a bad if not horrible pizza. Pizza lovers would deem a pizza bad if it is not adequately stuffed.Pizza that has its toppings half cooked and only sparsely spread is bad. Bad pizzas are sometimes very dry and can hardly be taken without a soda to force it down the throat; the sauce is not applied as generously as it should and he crust is as hard as a piece of cardboard. According to health experts, a bad pizza is one that contains large amounts of unhealthy ingredients. A pizza that contains very fatty toppings and ingredients that contain high levels of cholesterol are deemed bad as they may lead to heart disease.

Pizzas with larger portions of meaty ingredients than vegetable ingredients are also deemed bad as they are perceived to expose their consumers to higher risks of obesity and heart disease.


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