This essay is going to explore the two movies, which depict violation of human rights in various circumstances and parts of the world and relate their diverse aspects to real life situation. A dry White Season movie is trying to portray violation of human rights in South Africa during the time of apartheid rule that led to brutal treatment and injustices meted on blacks as in the case of Gordon and his family mysterious deaths. In the Name of the Father is a movie that portrays an innocent arrest of Gerry Colon and subsequent torture for him to confess the terrorist’s crimes he did not commit and enduring long legal battle in the appeal of the case (Antulov Para 2).

A Dry White Season

A Dry White Season is a movie directed by Euzhan Palcy in 1989. The South African movie had two main actors; Ben du Toit is a white who was a janitor of the school while Gordon Ngubene was an Afrikaner teacher at the same school so the two actors were friends working together (Brink Para. 1). Gordon’s son died during the demonstrations against the whites that led to the death of many blacks in the confrontation with the police. Gordon was so determined to seek justice and explanation of the death of his son from the police but unfortunately, he also become a victim as the secrete police arrested him.

In the prison, Gordon and many blacks experienced torture that that resulted into his sudden death and of other blacks. Capt. Stolz was responsible for the deaths of prisoners, as he was so brutal and against the blacks from demanding their human rights. Ben was so aggravated to see how their white race demonstrated brutality against blacks when he lost his friend Gordon and awakens him to seek for justice. Though he received deadly threats from Capt. Stolz, he was very determined to get justice done by making sure Capt. Stolz faces the law according to the crimes he has done against blacks.

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In the Name of the Father

The movie, In The Name of the Father demonstrates violation of human rights.

The movie depicts the times of Irish republican army terrorist campaign. Gerry Conlon is the actor who seems not to care about politics but he got into trouble with the police and republican terrorist army (Antulov Para. 2). His father decide to sent him to London in order to save his life which was in danger and when he was in London he engaged himself with drugs and petty crimes. When the Irish republican army exploded in the Guilford pub killing five innocent people, the police arrested the suspects and Gerry found himself as one of the suspect. The suspects were tortured, harassed and threatened to confess crimes they did not commit. Due to the confession of Gerry about the terrorist’s crime, it led to implication and arrest of his father innocently (Antulov Para.

3). After Gerry realization that he is suffering due to innocent arrest with his father, he was determined to fight for their freedom by appealing the case even though it will take long time.


The two movie both illustrates situations where the human rights have been violated through innocent arrests, torture, harassment, death and the in efficient justice system. In A Dry White Season movie, police are arresting and torturing youths who are demonstrating against the oppression of the white as their human rights. The arrests have led to the death of Gordon’s son and when he goes to seek justice, he is innocently.

These innocent arrests are barriers in the process of seeking justice and a great concern in human rights violation (Palcy 46). The movie, In the Name of the Father, the aspect of innocent arrest depicts violation of human rights as Gerry’s innocent arrest and implicated in the terrorist’s attacks portrays. Furthermore, the arrest of Gerry’s father clearly demonstrated the indiscriminate arrest by the police. In the two movies, the issue of torture, harassment and killings is evident. The youths who were demonstrating against the whites in South Africa were arrested, tortured and killed as Gordon’s son become one of the death victim. In the course of seeking justice, the police killed Gordon as a cover up of evidence hence hinder achievement of justice.

In the Name of the Father portrayed the aspect of torture during the arrest of Gerry and his fellow prisoners so that they can confess crime they did not do while the death resulted from the terror Irish republican army when they exploded a pub killing a number of people. Another similarity between the two movies is the judicial system that can easily convicts innocent people but takes very long time to prove them innocent when they file an appeal. This depicts the status of the many prisoners who might be going through torture in the prisons but they are innocent because there is delay in justice process.

The contrast between the two movies is the circumstances in which the violation of human rights occurs. In the Dry White Season, violation of rights occurs in the racial set up while in the movie, In the Name of the Father, violation occurs in terrorists, set up.


Human right violation occurs in various circumstances around the world. The violation of human rights occurs mainly due to the misuse of the police by their government when they are suppressing helpless citizens. Judicial systems are quick to convict suspects of the alleged crimes but are slow to prove them innocent.

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