Communication is the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another (Lunenberg, 2010) which is used to gather data and understand other’s perspective about a certain idea that could be a result of more useful information.There are two common elements in communication which is the Sender and the Receiver (Lunenberg, 2010). The sender is the one who formulates the information he or she wants the receiver to receive. One of the task of the receiver is to understand the received information for better apprehension. The Medium stands as the tool for the message of the sender could be sent to the receiver.But the differences of every person in language and culture could be a big hindrance in communication.

Studied by some California State University’s Students which examines the impacts of a host country’s language on openness to diversity attitudes and languages of students who participated in short summer study abroad courses that compared and contrasted them before and after the completion of the courses in non-English and English-speaking host countries. It gives them the result that the overall extent of student’s after the completion was relatively high for both groups. However, students in the English-speaking host country were significantly more open to diversity than those in non-English-speaking host countries (Moghaddam, Peyvandi, and Wang, 2011).

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One of the ways to remove Language and Culture as the barriers in communication is learning their culture and language of a certain country by experiencing it for people believed that Experience is one of the best teacher. It was proven and given justice by a study made by some people from Clemson University (2009) in their Case Study that tackles about its effects on Intercultural Communication that revealed the understanding of what appeared to be acounterintuitive phenomenon in which the language inadequacy and the international inexperience of the students and the hosts should have acted as a barrier for an authentic intercultural experience. Study abroad defeats the temptation for learning to be sealed into an isolated educational compartment where intellectual advancement may blossom unaffected by other intercultural components of the human experience (Mancini-Cross, Backman, and Baldwin, 2009). But the expenses and the time would be one of the major problems that you could encounter with it.In a workplace, it is believe that working with bilingual and bicultural workers was that they could help in participant recruitment, could provide the opportunity for participants to clarify questions, potentially allowing more comprehensive data to be collected, could work with the researchers about understanding the cultural meanings of questions and answers, and were able to give background information on the events in the localcommunity (Lee, Sulaiman-Hill, Thompson, 2014) most especially if they all have one common language that all of them fluently used and understand. They could just help one another in coping up with the culture and language some of their clients or workmates practiced.

Nowadays, technology is widely used most especially in communication using social media sites. Pitfalls in communication often occur in our efforts to distort the feelings or the feelings expressed in the messages most especially in messaging apps like Messenger by Facebook. This includes the idea with some sites called Machine Translation (MT). This is an area of research for linguistics as well as technical persons both are trying to improve it from their perspective (Phadice, Devane, 2017).

Its process involves translation that is not just matching and using a word in target language for the word in its source language but it should maintain the context and meaning most especially in formulating phrases and sentences. An example application or site that uses is is the Google Translator. It is considered to be a Multilingual MT and is based on Statistical Machine Translation (Phadice, Devane, 2017). Example based translation is also known as phrase based where it goes with finding the stored patterns for translation in a statistical manner. MT have been aiming to match with the quality of a human translators that would be useful and less hassle for the millennials most especially to those who have easy access with existing gadgets.There are also applications that uses “text-to-speech” option which is also widely used with MT’s which nowadays still need improvements for most of it needs to be used in a controlled environment for good results.

  These systems often process a massive amount of user data, thus tending to require increasingly higher processing power and the integration of innovative, highly adaptive search engines for gathering information stored in the data bases to fulfill the user needs in a timely-efficient and reliable manner (Dobre, Suciu G., Suiciu V., Butca, Mihaila, 2016) which couldn’t be provided by some average people in the Philippines due to its costs, availability and slow internet connection in our country.Communication is widely used in the world even though a lot of barriers occur most especially with someone’s personal beliefs, practiced culture and language.

Courage in understanding and learning ones messages could be a big great in minimizing it.


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