COMMITTEE:IAEACOUNTRY: ARGENTINATOPIC:ATOMS FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENTSCHOOL :ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL KANNURDELEGATE:AYSHA DHIYA ZELLANLike any other matter in hand, atomic energy can be used wisely and misused too. But if the aim is to ensure sustainable development and peace for a country, then it should go forward in search of different ways by which atomic energy can be used. Phillippe khan, a technology innovator, has said-“Nuclear power plants are like camera phones, bad people will turn them into evil, good people will put them to good use. Yes it is unfaked. In Argentina, a member of IAEA, about 10% of the electricity comes from nuclear reactors and the Govt. plans to generate 15-18%  of it from nuclear reactors due to the increase in demand.

Argentina has never produced nuclear weapons but once pursued a covert nuclear weapons program for many years, during the non-proliferating treaty and did not sign the treaty for proliferation of nuclear weapons. Now the country is an august non-nuclear weapon state.After adopting democracy, it signed deal with China for the construction of new nuclear power plants and became a part of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It planned to invest $42 billion in nuclear power by 2013 but in mid 2013 had spent 15% of this. It maintains a bilateral inspection agency with Brazil to verify peaceful uses of atomic energy and offered a model whereby the domestic use of uranium isotopes to produce energy could be made safer by employing them at lower enrichment levels than required to make a nuclear weapon, impling that they could be useless to any evil doers who might wish to do so. The National Regulation Authority was formed and is responsible for safety, licensing and safeguarding and reports to the President.

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Argentina feels that the energy is not utilized in the proper manner. Even though there’s a large demand only 10% of the electricity is derived from nuclear reactors. This should be widened by increasing the availability of uranium and technological improvements.

A specialist or an international scientist should be set up for maintaining the proper usage of atomic energy and international inspections should be carried out on regional basis. Even though various techniques for better usage of nuclear energy that has been found, other than harnessing of electricity there’s no much proper use of nuclear energy done by Argentina. New systems which ensure environmental friendly techniques for usage of nuclear energy should come to the platform. Nuclear energy and isotopic techniques should be used for protection of plants from insects and pests, bringing new varieties that improve crop yield, production of more food, treating of diseases like cancer etc. Last but not the least  some beautiful words can be quoted  “if with brilliance atomic energy could we invent then why not for the betterment the technology we mend”.


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