Committee of Human RightsSponsors: United States of America, Republic of CroatiaSignatories: French Republic, United Kingdom, Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTopic: Ensuring the Human rights of ethnic groups of Myanmar are protectedReminding : All the nations : the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, stating that: a: We are BORN FREE AND EQUAL; b: Don’t Discriminate; c) Right to live; d) You have right no matter where you go; e) You are all equal before the law; f) The right of people to self-determination.Affirming : Core Principles of democracy: a) Decentralization of power – Distinguishing and isolating the different bodies will make the government more organized and manageable. (no more extra interference of the army/militia into the government). USA recommends/supports division of the Power into different categories like: Legislative body (parliament);Executive government (Executing and reinforcing law);Controlling body (police, security system…

);Judicial party (court);Civil Society (Non-Governmental Organizations, Ombuds office and etc.) b) Checks and balances – distribution of power and control to avoid abuse of power by “the government” or “the people in power”.  Start Discussions/establish the new form of governing Myanmar and forming its society. If the rule of law is respected and practiced in Myanmar , We can be sure, the people of Myanmar will face less abuse of Human Rights and discrimination; c) The “army” – Militia and Military forces respecting and protecting its people, instead of abusing their rights.

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d) Respect of religion and belief emphasizing on Buddhist community   oppressing Muslims.       e) Local and federal government – city, village, county and state   government are liable and responsible for their governing areas. Interests of different ethnic groups to are equally represented and protected for practicing democracy. f) No one is above the law – Support, create, develop and strengthen Rule of Law – governing by the law. Reinforce the meaning and power of law.Bearing in Mind United Nations’ past efforts and resolutions on the issues of Myanmar1) Asks members states to Respect: a) The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; b) Core Principles of democracy and rule of law;2) Promote and support  sourcing funds from countries and organizations willing to fund: a) Campaigns, Public Peace Talks for promoting: Equality and Unity throughout the community understanding, promote forgiveness and avoid hostile environment towards any group, idea, belief or position (including diverse cases) and hate crimes.

b) Suggest adding the Rohingyans as one of the official ethnic groups residing in Burma. c) Create equal opportunity for better life –  (Aiding funds, from countries and resolutions from UN) starting from health and ending by education, everyone should have a chance to have minimal living standard. Sanitary products;Trained teachers;Well built and equipped schools (safe environment);foreign doctors in equipped hospitals.

3) Raise awareness of the problem in the country and get rid of blind and dark society. a) Awareness campaigns, public events (needing aiding funds and sponsors) b) History and recent national history lessons in school, taught by unbiased teachers; 4)Support Education resulting in raising literacy / Intellectual level in society and promote well thought out life decisions / Critical thinking.Promote Gender and ethnic equality. – Respect freedom of Religion  – an important factor that assures everyone is respected individually no matter their belief or faith. The purpose Religion is not for division, but it is greater cause for uniting this beautiful diverse world.2.

Urges members states to undoubtedly respect :- The human rights in Myanmar, protect and respect them: -Respect: The Right to seek a safe place to live _ -The Right to a nationalityRequests: Member states to support this resolution, if they consider that “The war is not peace and bombs are not gifts”


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