The world has many organizations, which engage in charitable causes.

For me, the non-profit organization World Relief stands out as one of the noblest agencies and its actions provoke admiration. The organization’s motto is to “serve the world most vulnerable” and it accomplishes this noble task though its staff and volunteers. The organization’s efforts are commendable since they make a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in the US and all over the world. The most endearing attribute of World Relief is its passion to assist the vulnerable.

In response to the vast suffering experienced by the vulnerable in the world, the organization takes action to assist. It does this by soliciting for funds from individuals and businesses and then using this money to make the most impact in the lives of the vulnerable. The support offered by World Relief is not limited to monetary but also capacity building through its training and mentorship programs. The organization has exhibited huge innovation in its quest to assist the vulnerable. By mobilizing individuals and the community to champion the cause of the poor, the organization has been successful in delivering aid to those who need it (World Relief 1). By stressing on the impact that an individual can make, many people have been inspired to play a part in assisting the needy in their communities.

World Relief has therefore made people more aware and responsive to the needs of the needy around them. World Relief exhibits high level of integrity in its conduct. While some charity organizations have been plagued by scandals involving misuse of funds, World Relief continues to uphold integrity and high ethical standards. The organization offers all its annual reports and financial statements on its website and anyone is able to see how the organization uses its funds. This high level of transparency increases the public’s confidence in the organization. The organization demonstrates foresight in its activities and hopes to provide long-term solutions. While the organization is quick to serve the vulnerable at all times, it places emphasis on empowering the local church so that it can assist the vulnerable by improving their economical wellbeing.

The same approach is used in dealing with the refugees and immigrants who come to the US. Through its resettlement efforts, the organization helps the immigrants to adjust to the American culture and it assists them to find employment and become independent and productive members of the society. The organization also exhibits bravery by venturing into war-torn regions where thousands of people are suffering from the devastating effects of war. In such regions, Global Relief tries to assist the communities to get back on their feet. While engaging in these tasks, Global Relief staff might be exposed to danger from warring factions.

Even so, the organization is willing to risk the personal costs in order to assist others thought these humanitarian efforts. The United Nations commended the humanitarian efforts of World Relief in Sudan (2). I believe that with these qualities, the non-profit organization World Relief will continue to have a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands all over the world.

By championing the cause of the vulnerable to the society, the organization has been able to raise funds which have made a positive difference in the lives of the vulnerable. For this reason, the organization deserves praise and commendation from everyone.

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