Coming in a bundle of themes that savagely depict the poverty-stricken situation of the indigenous people, the film interestingly presented the ‘known but not so given attention by the metro’ story of the natives of the mountains. The story kicked off when a teacher named Mrs. Dacayan was preparing and packing her things up to go to the mountain where aeta people live.

She was a volunteer from the city who aimed to teach aeta children to aim for their dreams. Along the way, she emphasized that dedication isn’t enough when teaching. One must need to sacrifice for the love of one’s passion. This emphasis was shown all throughout from the first scene to the last scene of the film. The story being narrated by the two protagonists, Mrs. Dacayan and Toto, was actually a nice technique to execute the plot. It has given both the side of a teacher who is willing to sacrifice to teach and the side of a student who is more than thankful to the gift of education given to him and who strives a lot to learn. Moreover, the film has also shown that a teacher is not perfect and also has discrepancies.

When Mrs. Dacayan and her class went out for a swim, one of her students almost drowned due to her carelessness. That became the starting point of the worse happenings of her life –the starting point that led to her unexpected death. After she got fired from being the teacher of that specific mountain, it was then the time that the she discovered that she has malaria. Just when she believed that everything has to be given dedication and sacrifice, it was when Toto put it into function and tried hard to go to Mrs. Dacayan’s abode.

When bad luck came in to the picture and let Toto drop Mrs. Dacayan’s address, he didn’t lose hope and ran until he arrived at the place he can only remember in that city –the church. Unfortunately, the time that the priest and the doctor came in the mountain so as to heal Mrs.

Dacayan and keep her alive didn’t match up. Due to this, her sudden death took place, with her students crying ad weeping for her loss.


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