In the scenario presented Coffee Time has been faced with several constraints regarding the company’s plan to expand into the market in India. For example, Coffee Time had to look at the size of the market available, the country’s lack of modernism and richness, and the company’s budget of $250,000 imposed by my management. Based on these various constraints, Coffee Time will need to develop a research plan that adheres to all the constraints in order to be successful in the market of India. Another constraint that Coffee Time is experiencing is due to the limitations of the secondary research provided by Total Access.Important information is missing and not all the angles have been covered.

Due to this constraint, Coffee Time will conduct additional primary research in order to determine additional demographics and inferential statistics. Time has also presented another constraint for Coffee Time. Time is limited and more information is needed before reaching a decision. The secondary data received from Total Access does not provide us with any information regarding possible errors in the data for potentially inaccurate or incomplete data.

Although this data will save valuable time, and the results of the questionnaire returned favorable results, an experimental study to validate the findings needs to be conducted and of cause this will also take some time. Since Total Access has experience in performing the task, contracting them to do so will save us time. Lastly another constraint to Coffee Time’s emergence into the Indian coffee market is that it does not have first-mover advantage.

They don’t have an establish brand recognition.Through primary research, Coffee Time will discover the brand loyalty to competitors as well as number of competitors each city has which will determine if each of the cities has room for them, or if the market is saturated. Conclusion In conclusion, Coffee Time has the tools to emerge as a successful coffee bar enterprise in the Indian market through targeting the middle-age population and encouraging the decisions of teens and young adults to experience the exotic and regular coffee flavors.Utilizing good research skills will result in valid and reliable data. The key to successful market expansion is to identify what the strategy is, collect relevant and reliable data, validate data so that the data is reproducible, examine thoroughly any possible constraints and error in data, and design survey instrument to achieve the most accurate results. Coffee Time can become a global leader in the specialty coffee industry by implementing a successful marketing research design.

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