Coconut Milk Latte  Prep Time: 3 minutes 2 serving Ingredients: ·        3 shots of brewed coffee ·        ½ cup of coconut cream ·        A pinch of cinnamon  Method: Pour it all into a coffee mug and drink up.

You can warm the coconut milk if you wish. Creamy goodness at its best!  Coffee Frappe  Prep Time: 20 minutes 4 servings Ingredients: ·        7 oz. strong brewed coffee chilled ·        2 tablespoons of hazelnut syrup ·        2 tablespoons of sugar ·        Ice crushed ·        Cream whipped  Method: In a blender, blitz ice, coffee, syrup, and sugar untilsmooth.

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Pour into a glass. Pop some cream on top and enjoy!  Non AlcoholicCoffee Egg Nog  Prep Time: 15 minutes 4 servings Ingredients: ·        ¼ cup of ground coffee ·        1 cup of eggnog – warmed ·        ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg ·        ½ cup of whipped topping ·        2 tablespoons of sugar  Method: Brew some coffee. Add nutmeg. Add sugar. Pour in the eggnog and mix. Divide between 4 cups. Top with whipped topping yummo!  Creamy Coffee Sodas  Prep Time: 5 minutes 4 servings Ingredients: ·        2 tablespoons of ground coffee ·        1 pint of coffee ice-cream ·        4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream ·        ½ cup of light rum ·        Instant coffee powder  Method: Place ice-cream in a blender. Next, add the rum and ground coffee.

Blitz on high until extra creamy. Scoop some vanilla ice-cream into glasses. Pour in the creamy rum goodness. Sprinkle with instant coffee and serve up!  Coffee Fizz  Prep Time: 10 minutes 2 serving Ingredients: ·        1 oz. of coffee liqueur ·        1 oz. of vanilla vodka ·        3 orange wedges ·        4 oz.

of ginger ale  Method: Use a highball glass or some other fancy glass. Fill it with ice. Squeeze 1 orange wedge over the ice. Add the vodka. Add coffee liqueur. Pour in the ginger ale.

Stir. Add remaining wedges in and serve up!          Conclusion  Coffeebreaks are a norm around the world and often we forget what we havealong with the cuppa. Crackers and most cakes taste wonderful with tea butwhat tastes awesome with coffee? Yes, coffee cakes taste awesome withcoffee. Coffee cakes make their way along with coffee to the tables andare often the unsung heroes of a coffee break. Not only are the cakeswonderful but they also help bring a snack into the break.

 Coffeecakes are generally single or double layer that can be baked in undera couple of hours and not very difficult to make. A few fruits, somebutter, handful of nuts, a glass of milk and a cup of flour is enough tomake a good serving of coffee cake.  They areextremely simple to make and ready to eat right out of the oven with thetoppings intact. You can always have a dash of streusel or a whipped creamdressing on top of the cake but most people prefer it plain with the cupof coffee. The coffee cake owes its popularity to its simple taste andeasier task of making.

 In this eBook we will teach you recipes of severalcoffee cakes made in and around the world. You could be a master bakerwithin days of getting hold of this eBook. So fret no more, go ahead anddazzle your partner over coffee with these tantalizing coffee cakerecipes.  


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