Globalization is a very serious issue that has been discussed for several years.

Some think that it is bad for developed countries, but some think globalization can have positive effects for developed countries. Richard Florida claims that globalization is inevitable, so it cannot be bad or good. Moreover, Florida thinks globalization is quite positive for development of the human society. However, he also thinks that it can be negative for the USA.

Florida’s ideas in “New Competitors”

In his work “New Competitors”, Florida analyzes the nature of the so-called creative class.

The analysis is very specific and comprehensive. The article provides particular data in a very clear form (tables and diagrams are used). The author also notes that he has been working on the issue for many years. He has researched the creative class in many countries. The major conclusion made by the author is that the creative class of the USA is very strong, but there are signs of some degradation.

The author notes that the USA is not the only attractive region for creative people (scientists, researchers, inventors, etc.). The USA has to compete with European countries, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. It is necessary to note that the article is very specific and the conclusions made are credible. Notably, the work adds important ideas concerning globalization.

The author analyzes the issue from a different angle. He does not simply focus on industries and economies, but analyzes the core issue. It is clear that the USA may soon lose its leading position unless it improves policies concerning the creative class. It is clear that the winner will be the country where the creative class will develop freely.

Florida’s ideas in “Closing of America”

In his work “Closing of America”, the author focuses on the situation in the USA.

Florida notes that the USA has become the super power as this country has been attractive for many creative people from all over the world. The USA used to be a country of lots of opportunities. However, the author notes that now the USA is at risk. The country is not that attractive for foreigners as the country has become less open. Moreover, the author notes that young creative Americans go to other countries because they feel their talents are not needed in the USA. The author provides specific data and makes conclusions that are based on particular results of many surveys held.

The data are given in a very comprehensive way (in diagrams and tables). The data given make the author’s conclusions credible. Again, the author focuses on the most important issues. He explains how the USA could become such a powerful country.

He also analyzes the impact of globalization. Florida’s article adds a lot to the issue. The author notes that the USA has changed policies concerning the creative class and this will have negative impact. It becomes clear that unless something changes, the USA can lose its leading position and other countries can become superpowers.


In conclusion, it is possible to note that the articles add a lot to issues concerning globalization. It is clear that globalization cannot be good or bad. It is just another stage of development for the human society. It is also clear that countries with a strong creative class will become more powerful.

The articles contain data which show that the USA loses its creative force which can lead to degradation of the American economy.


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