Climate change is one of the most commonproblems faced by the world, climate change happens when the greenhouse gases levelincreases.  The reason of climate changecan be divided into two which are natural causes and human activity. SomeNatural causes consists of volcanic eruptions, changes in the sun, andasteroids.

However, examples of human activities are: smoking, burning fossilfuels to get electricity, and driving vehicles. People can reduce climatechange by using public transport, reducing smoking, and replace normal lightswith compact fluorescent bulbs. All of these changes also have impact oneconomy and business. This essay will examine potential economic effects ofclimate change on 4 industries namely : health, commercial fishing, tourism,and agriculture. It will also discuss ways in which economy might adapt tothese problems. Health care sector adapt by offering more medicine and doctors,commercial fishing can adapt by making fish storage and using sustainableindustry,agricultural industry adapts to the problem by putting the animals inthermal zone, however in tourism industry adapt to the new environment inislands by increasing the awareness of climate change, and in polar by usingtechnological method. Firstly, the essay will examine impact of climate changein health care, secondly, commercial fishing, thirdly, impacts of climatechange on agricultural products, and finally, the effect of climate change inboth islands and polar regions will be explained.

             Health care industry is an industrythat provides medical services, it consists of several services, forexample  : medical insurance and medicalequipment (Staff,2017). When the climate changes resulting heavy rainfall and storms,such activities will may threaten human health by causing spread of diseasessuch as asthma, malaria, and chronic disease. Health industry will receivechallenges due to high number of people getting affected by these types of disease.The way health industry can adapt to climate change is by providing professionalsdoctor to recognize different kinds of diseases so the patient gets the righttreatment, and increasing the knowledge of doctors in impact of climate changeon health industry. The spread of diseases will cause health sector to spendmore money on offering different types of medicines to cure the patients (Noharm-global.

org,2017).              Risein sea level causing flooding and hurricane will affect pacific areas whichwill have a large impact on commercial fishing industry. Fishers used to catchmore number of fishes, however when the climate change the amount fisheddeclined dramatically and this will cause low fish stock (Aguilar,2017).

Marinescience center has an important role to adapt to this problem by developingsustainable industry and making model of ocean farming which will make iteasier for fishers to catch fishes. According to Welle (2017), fisherman insome countries such as Philippines depends on fishing in order to live, whenthe climate changes they struggle in order to catch fish resulting ofhurricanes and flooding occurring frequently in this country which causesdamages to sea level. Fishers are struggling to catch fish response to climatechange activity so they prefer to rely on other occupations for examples cookingin order to raise money.

When the climate changes, this will also affect thefamily of fisherman as fisherman rely on fishing to raise money.              Insome countries climate change is tending to occur frequently and that will increasethe temperature and causes several serious problems to agricultural production.High temperature will create damages to crops such as beans, potatoes, cornsand different kinds of crops. Based on study by IPCC (2017), CO2 resulting fromgreenhouse gas emission will have a large impact on crops because it causesdamages to the ozone layer which will damage the soil and water pollution. Whentemperature increases meat and milk production in animals will reduce, thiswill cause increase in production costs. When the price of production willincrease due to climate change activity, diaries product will decline.

Businesses will provide housing to animal for this reasons prices tends toIncrease. The way agricultural industry can adapt to the new environment is bychoosing a good location for animal and put them in thermal zone so theseanimals gain normal body temperature without getting affected by the weather(Key and Sneeringer,2014).              Climate change will have a large impact in terms of tourism in islands. Riseof sea level and precipitation will causes disappear of some island and this willimpact the economic growth of some islands and it also will impact marineenvironment by causing beach erosion (,2011). Rainfallpatterns, rise in sea level, storm surges, and warmer seawater temperature willdrive challenges to some islands like Barbados which will decrease number oftourist and affect the economic growth as the economy depends on tourism, forexample tourist come to these countries to enjoy beaches facilities such asdiving and snorkeling. When the temperature get colder, the islands economicgrowth will tend to decline and this will causes poverty.

Damages caused byclimate change will tend to decrease the growth as the island need to repairthe damaged resorts and roads. A meeting was done by UN World tourismorganization to inform tourism industry about impacts of climate change ontourism by providing researches. Resorts are working hard to reduce climatechange by using less energy. Government in Barbados adapted to this problem bypassing the Marine Pollution and Control act to provide new sewageschemes(Belle,2017).

 Melting of snow and glaciers will also affectmountain and polar regions economy as people go there in order to sky. Meltingof snow will have a large impact on polar regions by damaging the restaurants,hotels, and ski resorts. Skiing activity will decline this may be due toseveral factors such as melting of ice and increase in the temperature whichwill causes to decrease the number of tourist. Resorts also plays a role inreducing the impact of climate change by providing mobility services.

Businesses adapt to this change by using technological method which is movingto a higher attitude and using artificial snow(Heighl,2017). Methods used toadapt to new climate which are technological is expensive so tourism industry shouldwork hard to reduce climate change by using electricity consumed in hotels andresorts in proper way.             Tosum up, the essay examined economic effect of climate change and solutionseveral industries use to adapt to the new environment. The effect of climatechange on economics might be in different industries which are : health,agricultural, tourism and commercial fishing. The effects on industries arespreading of disease, affecting ozone layer, damaging polar and islandsregions, and destroying crops. References: Aguilar,R.(2017). Economic impact of climate change.

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