Clean DeskPolicy (CDP) 1.     Purpose A cleandesk policy (CDP) guides employees of the way they must leavetheir working space at the end of the day. It also protects sensitive/confidentialdocuments from any security breaches or information theft.

Organized officesend a message of professionalism and efficiency to visitors.  2.     Scope All employeesregardless their positions within The Group are subject to this policy. 3.     Policy 3.1.

Employeesare required to ensure that all sensitive/confidential documents must be removefrom desk and in a secure place when desk is not occupied, and at the end ofthe day. 3.2.

PCs/Laptopsmust be locked when employee is away. 3.3. Employeesare instructed to keep their offices tidy and free of clutter to keep positive environment. 3.4. Employeesmust keep walls free of taped papers that might damage company’s property. 3.

5. Employeesmust not throw sensitive/confidential documents into office garbage, instead theymust destroy them using paper shredder. 3.

6. Employeesmust ensure to remove any printouts documents that might have any sensitiveinformation and not keep them lying around for others to see.  3.7. Employees must ensure to not keep sticky notes or otherdocuments that contain sensitive information (e.

g. users names and password) ondesk when it is not occupied. 3.8. Personal belonging must not bevisible within desk. Employee must keep these items inside cabinets. 3.9.

Cabinets that contain sensitive/confidential documentsmust be kept closed when not in use and locked at the end of the day. 3.10.  Admin/Reportingmangers have the right to do random check on employees’ desks, and if any sensitive/confidentialdocument found on desk when employee is away, it might subject them to disciplinaryaction.   “End ofPolicy”


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