As a teacher I am supposed to be accurate when I present or teach students.

Students trust that their teachers are knowledgeable and always take what they are taught as it is taught. A teacher should make sure the class is lively by interacting with students. Further, the teacher has a duty of ensuring every student is actively involved in the lesson by asking questions.

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As a teacher, I know I have to conduct myself in a way that makes the lesson exciting for the students. Teachers are urged to show students a good example by way of how they conduct themselves in class. If the teacher is disciplined, the students are likely to follow suit. Discipline begins with dressing or general smartness. As a teacher, I am expected to be smart and presentable. My students will have to meet a number of behavior goals. All students will have to be attentive in class, to contribute in class; the students will have to raise their hands or politely bring me to their attention, the students will always complete and send in assignments in time or face penalties and finally, I will encourage the students to be free and assertive at all times especially when it comes to participation in mandatory team work.

To facilitate effective learning, proper class room conditions are very important. The first thing I will look into is the sitting arrangement. The sitting arrangement has to encourage all students’ participation in class activities. Often students form cliques that are likely to increase indiscipline. The sitting arrangement has to allow for each students comfort but also detract them or break alliances that may detract learning. Apart from sitting arrangements, I would focus on resource availability e.g.

books and other aids. Depending on level or type of class, different learning aid materials that would facilitate effective learning. I will help the students to behave appropriately by setting down ground rules.

The ground rules will be based on clarified expectations between me as a teacher and the students. The ground rules will be in line with the stated student behavior goals stated above. Apart from well stipulated ground rules, I will often talk to students and discuss virtues as an antidote to failure. I am sure that this kind of guiding and counseling will help students focus on what really matters. Student’s behaving wrongly is unavoidable.

Often teachers have to intervene to correct deviant behaviors among students. While changing a student’s behavior, a teacher has to involve the student actively i.e. the student has to be made aware of issue at hand and actively involved in ways of altering any given habit, behavior or attitude that is detrimental.

This kind of approach enables the student or pupil to become accountable to themselves or responsible for their own behavior. Behavior change achieved in this way is sustainable and long term. In extreme cases i.e.

students who are totally uncooperative, some form of negative reinforcement techniques will be employed. For example, students who always do not complete their assignments on time will receive a penalty in terms of reduced marks. This class room management plan will be introduced to the students in a formal meeting. In the meeting, the students will be asked to state their expectations. Through ensuing discussions, we shall set ground rules that are acceptable to the students but in tandem with stipulated behavior expectations. Issues to do with required resources, sitting arrangements and penalties for misconduct will be discussed. The main objective is to ensure the students appreciate the classroom management plan and its related rules and regulations.


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