Citizens of this dystopian society are not allowed to read or have any books. So, they don’t understand its value and the knowledge it gives. They are now used to watching TV and listening to the radio, which hardly makes them think. Beatty explains Montag about the “Classics cut into fifteen-minute radio shows, then again to fill a two-minute book column… philosophies, histories, languages dropped, English and spelling gradually gradually neglected, finally almost completely ignored… pleasure lies all about after work” (52-53). Day by day, they are decreasing the sources of knowledge and materials that teach the most are not being used in schools. Instead, they are not allowed to ask questions and are told that real happiness is not in school but in work. Children go to school so they can increase their knowledge, but they hardly learn anything. Most of them are busy in bullying or doing some kind of violence. They also don’t have any kind of free thinking and have been repeatedly given false information that book has deceit and false information. They are only allowed to have government approved things, which is why people are unable to think properly and critically about their society. The government doesn’t allow anything that motivates complex and free thinking in people, instead, they limit the access to information. Likewise, through the use of TV, individuals in this society don’t understand the importance of knowledge through books. Montag believes that knowledge is above everything, but they have a wall of ignorance around them due to which they are unable to understand anything. Main goal of this society is to destroy knowledge and bring ignorance.  According to the government, all thoughtful curiosity and desire for knowledge are to be diminished for the good of society. Even everyone in the society accepts that books bring confusion and distress, but without knowledge and emotions, everyone will live happily.


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