MRS. AND MR. MARRIOTT, an odd, slightly over weight looking couple in their forties are walking slowly with their arms linked along Blackpool pier amongst lots of happy people, who like themselves, are enjoying the warm English sunshine and fresh sea air. They either have a toffee apple or some candyfloss in their hands, which they take occasional bites of as they make idle chat to one another. We can hear noisy children having fun in the background and sea gull’s calling to each other loudly. They look quite content with themselves. NARATOR V.

O MRS.MARRIOTT stops her husband as she quickly turns her head to look back behind her down the pier. CUT TO: EXT. BOTTOM OF BLACKPOOL PIER.

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DAY ALBERT is a young lad of only 8. He is dressed smartly but looks a bit out of place for the seaside amongst all the other children who are wearing shorts and t-shirts as they run up and down the pier playing. He looks very bored and fed up, running a stick with a horses head handle along the railings making a din and swinging a newly bought bucket, eager to use it to make sandcastles instead of having to walk up and down the pier.NARATOR V.

O MRS. MARRIOTT (shouting) CUT TO: EXT. TOP END OF BLACKPOOL PIER. DAY She turns back to the pier as she mumbles to herself and begins to walk again still linking arms with MR. MARRIOTT.

They continue to walk up the pier now in silence as they enjoy their sweets. Every now and again she turns back to see where ALBERT is and sighs as she looks at him. She turns to her husband. MRS. MARRIOTT MR.

MARRIOTT (quietly) CUT TO: EXT. BEACH. DAY The MARRIOTTS are paddling in the sea looking bored and miserable. MRS.MARRIOTT has her skirt pulled up and tucked into her knickers to keep it from getting wet. MR. MARRIOTT has a knitted tank top on but without a shirt underneath, also he wears an old cap and swimming shorts. Albert still looks bored and unhappy as he just stands paddling, still clutching his stick with the horse head handle.

NARRATOR V. O CUT TO: EXT. TABLE OUTSIDE A CAFi??. DAY The MARRIOTTS are once again looking bored and fed up. MRS. MARRIOTT is sipping a cup of tea with a cream cake in front of her. MR.

MARRIOTT has a pint of beer and ALBERT has lemonade.ALBERT What are we going to do now Ma? MRS. MARRIOTT takes a sip of her tea. MRS. MARRIOTT MR. MARRIOTT takes a sip of his beer.

MR. MARRIOTT Well, umm, err….

how about the zoo? ALBERT takes a sip of his lemonade as he thinks about this suggestion. ALBERT Is it true that there are ferocious wild animals at the zoo Pa? MR. MARRIOTT chuckles to himself and leans over to Albert’s ear. MR.

MARRIOTT (whispering) ALBERT (whispering) What? MR. MARRIOTT (whispering) ALBERT (shouting) Hell yeah! MRS. MARRIOTT (shouting) Albert! MR.MARRIOTT and ALBERT share a secret smile. NARRATOR V. O Synopsis Your typical English family, the Marriotts, are off on a classic English holiday in 1971 to Blackpool. They expected to be entertained from morning to night but were very disappointed to find that there was little to keep themselves amused, especially Albert their son.

After a few days strolling up and down the pier, eating enough candyfloss and toffee apples to make any normal person sick and finding the lack of drowning and shipwrecks to watch out for in the sea frightfully dull, Mr.Marriott suggested they all go to the zoo where there is known to be the most vicious, evil, dangerous Lion in the whole world, called Wallace! To their disappointment, especially Albert’s, they found this so called wild lion to be nothing more than sleepy and peaceful, just lying there enjoying the sunshine! In great pursue of entertainment Albert ends up trying to make the lion wake up but everything ends in tragedy when the lion becomes annoyed and eats Albert! Mrs.Marriott becomes extremely irritated that the lion dared to eat her son after the fact that they had paid to come in! She is determined to get what is owed to her for their inconvenience, which ends up with them all at the police station and then in front of the magistrate where things don’t go down too well with the awkward Mrs.

Marriott. Cinematic Ideas To begin with there will be an aerial shot looking onto the pier at a 4 o’clock angle which will show the size of pier but will be close enough to see people moving about and get a sense of atmosphere.There will be distant music from a small brass band on the pier, which will gradually get louder as the camera sweeps into a 6 o’clock angle, down to human height and travels down the pier through the crowds to Mr and Mrs Marriott. There will also be sea gulls in the background and general chitchat from people talking and children playing. Blackpool tower will be present in the background to show the audience where the film is situated and furthermore, warm colours to give the audience the sense of summer and cosiness.


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