Cicendo Eye Hospital has animportant role as the center of eye health care in Indonesia. Based on WHOglobal action plan 2014-2019, as a part of WHA (World Health Assembly) 66.4 inyear 2013, there are three indicator that measure the improvement of eye healthin a country to achieve Universal Eye Health 2014 – 2019, those are prevalenceand causes of visual impairment, number of eye care personnel, and cataractsurgical service delivery. The target to decrease the avoidable visualimpairment prevalence is 25% in 2019. Due to that target, Cicendo Eye Hospitalhas to improve the eye health service especially for patient who cannot handledin primary and secondary health care (Infodatin Kemkes RI, 2014).Today, Cicendo Eye Hospital isin the process of building development at the existing location, Jalan CicendoNo.

4, Bandung City. This development is intended to increase the capacity ofthe hospital in giving eye health service to patient. In the Master Plan ofCicendo Eye Hospital which is made in 2015, the patient demand projectionalready calculated for 2016 to 2035. It stated that the projection of patientdemand for outpatient, inpatient, and emergency department are reached 139.053in 2016 and reached 143.

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436 in 2017. So, to fulfill the increases of patients,Cicendo Eye Hospital has to develop the hospital building (PT Pandu Persada, 2015).However, the data from Cicendo Eye Hospital shows that the number of patientvisits in 2016 reach 169.

371 visits and in 2017 reach 175.361 visits, with thecondition where this data only represents the visits of patients from West Java.From this data, it shows that even only from West Java, the number of patients’visits in 2016 and 2017 has exceeds the visits prediction in the Master Plan (Instalasi IT dan SIRS PMN RS Mata Cicendo, 2017).In that comparison, the demandprojection already has a difference. In 2016 and 2017, the patients’ visits inreal data is higher for about 22% compare to projection. So, it is afraid thatthe existing hospital building still cannot served all the patient demand inthe future.

Beside that, the method that used for demand projection in theMaster Plan is still use the ‘Double Exponential Smoothing Method’ based on thepast data, from year 2012 to 2015, whereas the condition before 2014 isdifferent than after 2014 (PT Pandu Persada, 2015).After 2014, the ‘JKN’ program is already encouraged, and this condition canaffect the increasing number of patients who visit Cicendo Eye Hospital (BPJS Kesehatan, 2017).Moreover, in calculate the demand projection, it also has to be consideredabout the blindness prevalence in Indonesia, so the demand can be calculatedbetter.There are several factorswhich affect the supply of eye health service, such as the availability of eyeexamination tools, the availability of doctor, and the availability ofhospital. When the prediction of patient demand is higher, it will increase theneed for ophthalmologist, the increasing of ophthalmologist will affect theincreases of space requirement.

However, the existing location of Cicendo EyeHospital has almost reach the maximum limit for the construction of building.So, it has to be considered another good location to build a new eye hospitalto keep a good eye service for patients. 


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