Christopher VillarMacie MosleyEnglish 431 January 2018The History of Video Games The Industry has a long and strung out history throughout the greater part of the last 50 years. While the available technology to the public advances, the gaming industry pushes it even farther, into realms that were merely science-fiction during the early days of the Industry. In 1972, Alla Alcorn designed what would be the birth of games, and a new era of entertainment.

Alcorn had designed the game “Pong” that would revolutionize technology and the realm of possibilities. From the original upright arcade cabinets, to the virtual reality headsets that are available today, at least one thing is the same, and that is in fact that the gaming industry is at the forefront of technological advancements. Pong may have been the first arcade game, However, the title of first video game actually goes to tennis thanks to Physicist William Higinbotham who made a tennis simulation shown through an oscilloscope.

This marked the beginning of games as they are today. With the development of electronic computer games came a breakthrough with the introduction of medium scale integration and transistor to transistor logic combining multiple assets on a single microchip. This brought down the cost of computing ushering in a new wave of microcomputers. While it still became too costly for households it made way for industry to make arcades. Ralph Baer whom was working with a defence contractor sanders associates had been trying to develop systems that could be plugged into television sets. Thus with help from technician Bill Harrison, Who constructed most of the hardware. Baer made a series of prototypes around diode to transistor logic.

These delivered a signal to the television to create spots for one to control. At engineer Bill Rusch’s suggestion it was decided to add a third spot which would later be used in a tennis like game under Magnavox Odyssey the first ever home console. Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney Struck out on their own till eventually founding Atari. After seeing a demonstration of the Magnavox Odyssey ahead of release Bushnell charged Allan Alcorn to create a version of Odyssey’s table tennis for practice. However it ended up being so fun that it was released as Pong. Pong laid the foundation for arcade games leading to about 70,000 Video games being made for arcades alone. Though all good things must come to an end, This was the case for arcade gaming. From the ashes of arcades come the consoles.

Entertainment of the arcade in your home, This is what consoles achieved. From the Atari Pong to the playstation 4 there have been many improvements. Such as Controllers they’ve been experimented on from joysticks to buttons to give ease of access and comfortable, seamless experience. While the first consoles had the limited capability of having to come with the games, That made room for the innovative idea of using external  media such as discs, Floppy discs, and today’s hard drives. With the expansion of storage and improvements of controls the people wanted more. With growing demand games had to become more complex and more innovative with their mechanics leading to more mainstream games now such as Call of duty or Halo. Every market has competition and the gaming industry is no exception. The rise in popularity of the entertainment form has made a rather large demand that has drawn many into the scene.

From the creation to the Competitive complex there are many branches of the ever growing industry that once was simple consoles. Companies such as EA, Sony, and Nintendo as well as many other companies have made a place for themselves within the community while early on there was a divide amongst the player base this has change into general discontent of overall stagnant quality of game today. Yet there are still many fun games released for consumption of the general public. Some start with crowdfunding or early access to give the developers of such games something to work with while they work on the game and help improve. With the Constant competition there is by no means a shortage of enjoyable games thus leading to less criticism and hate around it. Making way for general acceptance of gaming for everyone. Games have led to technological breakthrough such as Virtual Reality and Communication in general. Allowing people to freely converse through digital space with 3D rendered avatars and voice to boot.

There is now a point to where games are getting revamped for vr. The ever increasing possibilities of this equipment could lead to many breakthroughs in and within itself such as a space to research or perhaps a just a space to relax and enjoy that which can not be done within the confines of reality.Net Neutrality is the idea the service providers should allow access to all websites without throttling or blocking specific websites. This could affect the gaming community because the providers can throttle access to platforms such as steam and blizzard.

They can change the price to where it is nearly unaffordable and people cant buy it so those sites would drop in publicity. Some possible problems that comes from video games include toxic players that can cause cyberbullying which can lead to mental health problems down the road. It is unhealthy to play video games for an extended amount of time it can affect your physical and emotional health. Which can lead to long term Problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.According to the American Psychological Association – “No single risk factor consistently leads a person to act aggressively or violently” It is not just video games, it is many different risk factors. There isn’t enough evidence to say that video games cause violence.

Video games should be highly monitored by parents and selling of video games to underage kids should be a fineable offense. Video games should increase parental control inside the game, including a whole selection of different options that parents can change/alter. There isn’t enough evidence to say that video games cause violence. Parents should take into account the rating of the ESRB rating system. Video games are powerful teachers, they can be designed for education and they are designed to teach and change kids. Weather they want to or not video games have an affect on the player.

Parents can also look at video game reviews on sites like 2010, the California Law defines a violent video game as “a video game in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being.” Which means that almost any video game could be considered violent if looked at in the right light.  If you take any video game almost all of them have some sort of violence as in death.

That’s how the game finishes, the player dies.  Research that has been done shows a consistent relationship between violent video games and aggressive behavior but not to criminal violence. The APA has asked developers to design video games that have more parental guidance. The research has changes a very strong consistent pattern has arised from a long time of studying that ads confidence to the conclusion.Video games are often blamed for violent youth crimes and mass shootings. One of the students who was involved with columbine used a gun named “Arlene” named after a character in the game series doom.

Most people who play violent video games don’t resort to violence and most video games aren’t violent. said Dr. Richard Wilson. Although there are games and tv made for adults there are also games and tv made for kids. The games are regulated to make sure that kids do not play with inappropriate games.

People who play video games have a physiological need to win. If the player feels like he was cheated by the game/controls they can wind up feeling aggressive. The need to be good at the game was more important to people than the material it contained. The APA wants in game parental controls to monitor content as a “censorship by another route”.Since the massacre at Columbine television, movies and video games have been blamed for the violence. The media took straight to the video games to blame for the event even though they were involved in goth culture and and metal music. 15 years later video games are are even more popular than they were. Now that Virtual reality has been realised people fear that the actions that take place in the game with start to take place in real life.

The public wants politicians to propose taxing violent video games and more research into what makes people violent. Brain Imaging may show that violent video games temporarily change the brain. After a week of playing violent games a group showed less activity in emotion, attention and inhibition of impulses. Frequent players of violent video games will have a higher tendency to have a higher tendency to be racist or derogatory to others. Almost everyone has played  a video game at least once in their life and everyone’s lived would be affected if video games get monitored. This study is important because it could change the way we think about one of the most valued things in our society. If violence is associated with video games than people don’t want their kids playing these games or they might even stop playing themself. The video game industry will lose billions of dollars if violent games were banned or highly monitored.

Esports would lose a lot of followers and streamers would lose a lot of support. Video games have been the scapegoat for many violent acts committed by kids and teens. The school massacre at columbine was one of those were video games took the blame for the shooters actions. After the massacre they looked through his room and found violent games on his computer.

With The size of the current Triple A companies they’ve grown rather complacent. Meaning that they recycle Mechanics rather than Innovate. Though this only leaves room for Others to step in thus making an influx allowing for anyone to make a name for themselves with enough vision and imagination they can honestly push the limits of what hardware and creativity can provide. This is evident just based off of the Games such as minecraft or Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. Now that is not to say that those major company never innovate, but they do so only if they receive too much public backlash. Computers while they can be used for work can also be made to handle much more than the standard console ever can. There are many advantages of computer gaming to console gaming one such advantage is ability while you can do most things on console that once only a pc could do it still lacks many things such as access to work related programs and utilities.

Though it may not be as convenient as Virtual Reality is the next iteration of video games and will continue to progress and come out with new versions and new ways it can be used. Virtual reality isn’t only used for gaming it is also used for streaming movies videos or even porn. Video games are becoming more popular by the day and more advanced. So are the platforms that they run on.


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