The film ‘Stand by Me’ is set in the 1950’s, and is about four young boys who travel a distance, in which they hope to find a dead body. The boys hope that if they find this dead body that it will give them recognition with the small town in order to look like heroes. The four boys are; Gordy, which we know has a pretty dull background from what information is given to us at the start of the film, His brother has past away and he doesn’t get much attention from his parents. From the information given before the bridge scene it makes it pretty obvious that Gordy is the probably the cleverest out of the four.Vern is classed as overweight for his age and gets a lot of verbal abuse from the other boys. From the information given he is probably the least intelligent one out of the four. I feel that Vern is classed as a ‘mummy’s boy’ because of the way he dresses in comparison to the three other boys. Teddy is the stranger one of the group, we know this because of the way he acts about certain things, for example, when they first set off on their excursion and their walking along a train track, a train comes n Teddy tries to challenge the train by walking on the tracks while the train is hurtling towards him.

His father burnt off his ear when he was a young child, but Teddy still admires his father mainly because he was part of the army when Teddy was young. Finally Chris. Chris is classed at the leader partly because he is the strongest and he looks after them in a way. We don’t get given any background information on Chris throughout the whole film. When the film starts it’s set in the 1990’s but the actor has a flash back to the 1950’s, to his adventure he had along with the other 3 boys. I find this quite an effective part to the film because it shows him in modern day life and what effect seeing the dead body had on him.The bridge scene creates a very tense atmosphere and gives us a lot of information about the four boys and what they are really like. It does this in a number of different ways, such as; How Chris and Teddy cross the bridge straight away without showing any form of being scared, implying that they are the stronger half of the group that don’t find things like crossing a bridge challenging.

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On the other hand Gordy and Vern find it very difficult to cross the bridge for a number of reasons such as, the height the bridge is at, and the fact that a train could come while their crossing the bridge.Another fact, which leads us to belief that Gordy, is the brighter one because he checks the rails by his hands and ears to see if a train is coming, which most probably saved all their lives because he heard the train seconds before it was in eye sight which gave them a little bit more time to escape the danger that could happen. Another fact that implies that Vern is the less confident one when danger is concerned is the fact that he crawls across the track because he is scared that he might fall in between each wooden slat.The tension starts when the four boys approach the edge of the bridge, you can tell that there is tension in the air because the happy, jolly music fades away into complete silence, which later on the silence is broken by Teddy. The tension remains until the train has completely gone out of the cameras view. The bit in the scene that creates most tension is the bit where the train is right behind, towering over Gordy and Vern.

This creates the most tension in the scene because the people watching don’t know what will happen in the next few seconds, which leads them to watch this specific scene in more depth.However, the camera shots used in the film are very effective; the director has used a number of different techniques to make the Bridge scene as effective as possible. For example: when the train is behind Gordy and Vern, the black of the front of the train covers the whole screen apart from a little part of the screen which is of Gordy and Vern running. This is effective because the camera is shot looking up at Gordy and Vern making the train tower above the boys, implying that the train is a lot bigger and far more dangerous, this is effective partly because the train is black.When the camera is zoomed out it shows the boys, Gordy and Vern running along the dangerous bridge away from the train, which it getting closer and closer by the second.

Chris and Teddy made it across the bridge fine because they set off a few minuets before Gordy and Vern because; Gordy and Vern were to busy checking if any trains were coming by putting their ears to the rail. This scene has even more tension because the boys Chris and Teddy are shouting Gordy and Vern’s names while the train is hurtling right behind them.


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