On Monday, 22nd of September 2003, an exhibition on cultural diversity was held.

Cultural diversity consists of subculture, high culture, popular culture and counter culture. Popular culture is a cultural pattern that is being practised and spread widely among a society’s population. Popular culture actually makes everyone in that particular society to have something in common.

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It is also being experienced by people from all walks of life worldwide. An obvious example is the usage of hand phones all around us. We can see that even students that are still in school levels are already own hand phones.We used to see only people who are rich that can own a hand phone. But now, hand phones are being used by everybody. I once heard a story which someone told where this girl got straight A’s in her UPSR and she already asked her mother for a hand phone as a reward. Another example of popular culture is eating fast food. Children eat fast food for the sake of getting the toys that are usually sold in a set with the food.

Parents or adults who live a busy life prefer to eat fast food simply because their children are eating it and it is really convenient because they do not have to cook.Thus this has become a popular culture. High culture can be defined as a culture that can distinguish a society’s elite. High culture is usually being spread among the elitists. As an example, playing golf or equestrian are considered as high culture in Malaysia.

This is because not everyone have enough money to be a member of a golf club since most golf resorts here are only allow registered members to play at their golf course and the golf set itself is rather expensive. The same thing goes with equestrian. Only the rich or the elitist have the funds to be in an equestrian clubs since they are quiet expensive.Having your meal at an expensive and posh restaurant can be considered as high culture. It is also because of the money that you need to have to have your meal at this kind of restaurant. Not everyone can afford it and most of them who can afford are those who come from rich and elite society. Thus these three examples are part of high culture.

Subculture is a small culture that is happening within a dominant culture. Subculture is part of the dominant culture but differs from it in some important ways. An example of subculture is San Francisco’s Chinatown in United States of America.The Chinese first came to America in 1850’s and they lived at Sacramento Street or also known as ‘Tong Yun Gai’ that means ‘Chinese People’s Street.

The name was given to the street because it is where the first Chinese live when they migrated to America. The Chinese Americans that are living in Chinatown still practise their own culture. Even though they are being greatly influenced by the Americans, they have retained many cultural pattern of their own such as language, family status, festivals and traditional way of living.


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