Cheetahs vs.

LeopardThese both animals are often found in sub-saharan Africa and some partsin Asia. Both of these animals are very interesting to study. These creatureshave several similarities and differences as well.

Even though these creatures haveseveral aspects that differentiate them, people still have a hard time to differentiate them. People tend to assume an objectis the same because they are likely to be similar, but not every object is allsimilar, there must be a small detail that can make them different. Furthermore,there are three reasons that make cheetahs and leopards similar.Firstsimilarity is that they both belong in Felidae family.

“There are 36 species of cats inthis family. Species in this family are found in all areas of the world, exceptfor Australia and Antarctica. They vary in size from the domestic cat to thelion.”(Felidae – Cats, Cheetahs, Lions,Tigers, Leopards, 2017) Anothersimilarity is that they both  mammals. “Mammalsinclude humans and other animals that are warm-blooded vertebrates (vertebrateshave backbone)with hair. They feed their young with milk and have a morewell-developed brain than other types of animals.”(National GeographicPartners, LLC,2017)Thelast similarity is that they bothare carnivores. A carnivore is an animal gets foodfrom killing and eating other animals.

“Carnivores generally eat herbivores,but can eat omnivores,and occasionally other carnivores. Animals that eat other animals, likecarnivores and omnivores are important to any ecosystem, because they keepother species from getting overpopulated. Since carnivores have to hunt downand kill other animals they require a large amount of calories.

This means thatthey have to eat many other animals over the course of the year. The bigger thecarnivore, the more it has to eat. You should make sure that you have many moreherbivores and omnivores than carnivores.”(What is a Carnivore?, 2017)These similarities is what makes people assume thatthey are the same, but there are three differences that makes them differentfrom each other.

First difference is that their running speed.”A leopard can reach a top speed of 30miles per hour. The fastestanimal on Earth is said to be a cheetah, which can reach a top speed of 70miles per hour.” (IAC Publishing, LLC,2017 ). “On the exterior, the cheetah is the most slender of the bigcats; its lightweight body (weighing about 80-140 lbs.), small head and longlegs are designed for aerodynamics.

Structurally, the cheetah has a unique,flexible spine, which allows for extreme flexion and extension while running attop speeds.”(Safaris, 2014).  The mainreason why cheetah is faster than leopard is because the cheetah’s body uniqueand flexible spine.Thesecond difference is their coloring in their fur. These animals are known to bea silent killer, they camouflage with their surrounding because the dots intheir fur.

The cheetah’s coloring in their fur is tan with black spots, whileleopards have a yellow with black rosettes. These kinds of patters helppredators to hide and blend with their surroundings which make them moredifficult to be seen by it’s prey.Lastly,cheetah and leopard are different because of it’s genus. “Genus is the usualmajor subdivision of a family or subfamily in the classification of organisms,of more than one species.

“(Collins, 2012).  The cheetah’s genus is acinonyx, while theleopard’s genus is panther.Learningthe difference about these creatures can be useful. Moreover, these knowledgeshould be shared around the globe in order to make people realize that thesecreatures are beautiful and should be protected.


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