Chazzerick Cox Professor Lari. RantaEnglish 1302 19 January 2018Lab #1: Library Online Research Orientation     With everyone living in the digital age it is quite refreshing for Collin College to offer a digital format called, Collin Library Anywhere.

If you pay attention and work diligently the outcome of your efforts will be worthwhile using this service. While all colleges have libraries, Collin’s digital service can be used at anytime and anywhere.      With an online environment more effort is put on the student to learn the class. Although your teacher can help you via web, through e-mail or perhaps a video conference, it is great to know using the website can help guide and prepare you for some of your academic challenges. The Anywhere option allows you to view the administrator with contact info for questions or comments about the website.

You are encouraged to ask questions if you need help, especially with information found on the internet.  A unique area of the website has JSTOR, a digital library with books and journals. With JSTOR you can use this feature as an article database that will cover an area or course you may be taking at Collin. SAGE, which is a useful program offered,  will help you find information about a topic you are writing about, with references, or even video content in some cases. The article that you click on are written by an expert or reliable resource so your are able to rely on the information.

One feature that I used quite frequently in my past history courses was the American History in Video tab. Most videos come from networks such as PBS or National Geographic, so you know your getting a credible source.      These are just a few of the services that the Collin library will offer to all students. With such great services you are sure to get credible information and have the pleasure in knowing you are getting the best education possible.

Hopefully, everyone will get to use this feature throughout the year for their classes. If help is ever needed, know that Collin’s Digital Library is here to help you. 


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