Charles DaroyEnglish 10226 January 2018 Turkle, Sherry. “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.” The New York Times, 26 Sept. 2015, article “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

“written by Sherry Turkle and published by the New York Times talks about how we communicate has drasticallychanged over the past several years. She pointed out that digital devices like smartphones have extremelyaffected people’s way of communication andpersonal life. First, she explains howcell phone affect our dailyconversations. She also explains howtechnology affect our ability to empathize.According to researchstudies, the face to face conversations taught children to adults empathy. Phones and new technology has hurt our abilityto interact properly and communicate with otherpeople face-to-face.  We no longercan empathize or read the body language of the other people we are interacting with. It gotten soworst that we do noteven know when we are hurting the feelingsof another person.

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 The other issue with technology is especially social media’s that we think and expect the world to respond like an app and work likealgorithms. People whose attitude is like that seem to have lack ofempathy.I agree with the author’s opinion. The overuse of devices makes us not concentrate with what or who we are talking, lose our ability to empathize  and not be able to read moods and body language. Using smartphones can change people’s behaviour especially children’sand teenager’s behaviour. These demographic is constantly bombarded with socialmedia and all the risk that comes along with it. I also agree to the writer’s view thatwith the ever-changing use of technology, it can surely help us communicate with each other better. “Everytechnology asks us to confront human values.

This is a good thing, because itcauses us to reaffirm what they are. If we are now ready to make face-to-faceconversation a priority, it is easier to see what the next steps should be.”(Turkle, pg. 5). She is saying that if we areaware of the problem we can find solutions. Nonetheless, I think this is important for us to take this problemserious and think about ways toprevent it or find a better alternative.

Wagner, Lori A. “When Your Smartphone is Too Smart forYour Own Good: How Social Media Alters Human Relationships.” The Journal of Individual Psychology.vol. 71, no. 2, 2015, pp. 114-122.

Ebsco.            The author of this article gives psychological insight as tohow social media has altered human relationships. The introduction of social media’s has resulted in the decline of true conversation, eye to eye contact, and spontaneous events. The relationship that people have face to face are morereal because we use all of our five senses be with that relationship and relationship over social media’s are more different. You canonly go by the pictures that you see on an online relationship and not the actual person. The article also helps to raise the ideathat the way people interpret people, places, things and ideas are altered byway of social media’sand other new forms ofcommunications.

New forms ofmethods to prey the weak over the internet is also mentioned.People have also been insensitive to the emotions ofothers. With the onset of numerous social apps people now have the freedom tochoose when they interact with friends and family. We suddenly have the abilityto switch on and off relationships. This new generationof people would rather talk to people online and have onlinerelationship rather than talking to people face to face and having a personalrelationship.

“Peopletoday generally prefer “mediated communication” rather than personalinteraction” (Wagner,pg. 116). Us humanshave evolved from being the social creatures we oncewere however we nowprefer a relationship through our devices. Technologyallows us to interact with people miles away but it can also alienate those a people that surrounds us. Adults in the fast-paced worldfeel the need to schedule conversations and interaction with colleagues,friends, and family.

Social media sites allowthe opportunity to edit conversations. Nothing is genuine or candid. When people have the ability to rehearse and editconversations relationships are less genuine.Thisarticle will help to give more clarity to just how much interaction has changeddue to social media andnew technology.


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