CHAPTER 4CONCLUSIONSAND RECOMMENDATIONSOutcome result of thestudy as the basis of conclusion and recommendation was presented in thischapter.CONCLUSIONSThe following conclusions were drawnbased on the collated findings: 1.  ICT instructional materials were insufficient. 2.  Teachers lack capabilities in usingtechnology in mathematics Instructions. 3.  Schooladministrator should support teachers in their quest for ICT learning andprovide appropriate ICT tools for mathematics instructions.

4.  Teachersneed trainings in ICT integration to enhance their competence in the use oftechnology which might be an avenue in elevatinglearners performance throughICT assisted mathematics instructions.RECOMMENDATIOS          From the findings and conclusion ofthe study, the following recommendations strongly suggests:1.  Theschool should address the ICT instructional materials needed for the teachersto cope up and  overcome the trialsbrought by ICT integration in realizing the 21st century education.

2.  DepEdofficials and school administrators should:a.   Identifythe needs and limitations of teachers so they can be appropriately comforted;b.  Supportand assist teachers in their pursuit to expand professionallyc.    Address issues concerning the capability ofteachers using ICT and the use of procedures in eliciting learners` interest inmathematics through designing a premeditated plan3.  Theschool administrators and the mathematics teachers should findsolution to minimize the glitchesrelative to the use of ICT, such as:a.

   Conductregular meeting with mathematics teachers to identify their problem and findappropriate answer for each problem.4.      Proposeand implement pointers to be develop and enhance by both school administratorsand mathematics teachers. The school administrator should advocate to theschool leadership that they craft and expand training program which are analogousto the training program prepared and developed in this study, to furtherenhance their competence in teaching the subject casting of  their age, gender, ICT background, status.


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