Chapter1   The Problem   IntroductionAsingle mother is an unmarried woman or separated from the spouse and at thesame time, totally responsible for nurturing and up-bringing of a child orchildren alone.  A solo mother is alwayslinked to a problem like economic hardship, food shortage and emotionaldifficulties such as stress, depression and frustration as well. Kotwaland Prabhakar (2009) Claim that it was difficult forthe single mothers to meet the basic needs of their children such as food,clothing and school fees. However, the emotional life of single mothers wasalso affected by their single status; they tried to avoid attending socialgatherings and have changed their dressing styles, also developed poor food andeating habits for the sake of their children. Single mothers have to go througha lot of circumstances every now and then; they were always under pressures,stress and felt depressed to handle the responsibility of child-care.Accordingto Rahel, (2014) there were three types of single motherhood. The first one wasa single mother who was unmarried, the second one was a divorcee orseparated/broken up with the husband and lastly a widow.

Nowadays, singlemothers who are unmarriedfor the reason that their parents left due to low income and no stable job, anddue to the death of their partner.According to U.S.

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Children inSingle Mother Families (2009), most single-mother families have limitedfinancial resources available to cover children’s education, child care, andhealth care costs. Seven in 10 children living with a single mother were pooror have low income, compared to less than a third (32 per cent) of childrenliving in other types of families. While part of the problem was fewerpotential earners in female-headed families, many of these families were alsoat a disadvantage because of problems collecting child support payments fromabsent fathers.As observed bythe researchers, there is an increasing population of single mothers in MalaybalayCity, most of them are college undergraduates.

Even though they had a lot ofresponsibilities and duties to fulfil, but they pursue to finish their degreeto find a better job. However, some of them are  not attending school because  they prioritize the needs of their children interms of food, clothing, and education to give them a brighter future.The purpose of this study was toexplore the lived experiences of single mothers in raising their children.

Fortunately, the aim of the researchers was to let the participants realize theessence of being a mother to their children in the absence of their father byraising them using love-oriented method, for them to develop a strongsense of responsibility for their behaviour and have feelings of guilt whenthey have done something wrong.  Framework of the Study  This studyutilized the feminist theory of Olesen, V.L. (2000),and the RA no.8972 the “Solo Parents’ Welfare act of2000” that was approved on November 7, 2000.  This study anchored on the feministperspective theory (Olessen, 2000) that values women’s lived experiences.

It placeswomen at the center of interest, and often leads to movements of changeprecipitated by a collaboration of researchers and study participants. Furthermore,the theory may be able to help single mothers to know about their rights toovercome the situations, which can create a good influence in protecting theirselves and their children for some judgement of other people behind them. Thisfeminist theory waspinpointing the lived experiences of single mothers in raising their childrenalone. Feministtheory shines light on social problems, trends, and issues that single mothershave to face. It is related to the present study about single mothers since thisstudy is all about the lived experiences of single mothers who were abandoned,widowed, separated and/or unmarried.  The above act was based on the idea that singlemothers had benefits and privileges given by the government to support theirchildren’s needs specifically the health of child/children. This act could helpthe mothers financially for the hospitalization. For the education assistance, thesolo parent welfare act could give’s privilege for financial needs like tuitionfees, the government give scholarship for those children of single mothers whoare wanting financially, so that their children could have a better future.

Thisact could help especially the mother’s situation even without the support oftheir partners.  Research topicsmay include policy issues related to realizing social justice for women in specific contexts orknowledge about oppressive situations for women. This perspective supports the Republicact no.

8972 also known as the “Solo Parents’ Welfare act of 2000”. This feministperspective and the act is relevant for the single mothers experiencing theunusual in raising their children without the support of the husband/partner.The theory also defends the women from discrimination of being a single mother. Statement of theProblemThisstudy explored the lived experiences of single mothers in raising theirchildren in Barangay 9 Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, and for the Fiscal Year 2017.Specifically,it sought to answer the following questions: 1.  What are the economic, emotional and psychologicalexperiences of single mothers in raising their children?2.  What is the coping mechanism of single mothersin raising their children along?          2.

1Economic; and          2.2Emotional/Psychological aspects? Significance of theStudy            This research study was meant to be ofbenefit to the following:            To Single Mothers. The result of this study wouldhelp them value the importance of their duties and responsibilities to theirchildren. For them to help their children develop and practice virtues thatwill make them good family members, responsible citizens and competentprofessionals through developing love-oriented methods in raising theirchildren.            To Children of Single Mothers.

Through this study, they couldunderstand and be aware of the situation of their mother as a single parent whois struggling to face the challenges and experiences in raising them.            Tothe Family of the Single Mothers.This is making them be aware that the lived experiences of a single mother is noteasy.            To the Community.The result of this study can also be beneficial to the community because itprovides some sort of data and information with regards to the single mothersin their respective barangay.            To Future Researchers. The study can provide ideasabout single mothers and can be utilized as a reference of their study.

 Delimitation of theStudy           This study was delimited to theLived Experiences of Single Mothers in raising their children in Barangay 9Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, fiscal year 2017. It includes the economic, emotionaland psychological/coping mechanism of the single mothers. The researchersidentified eight (8) Single Mothers of the said barangay as participants of thestudy. It used phenomenological approach, questionnaire and interviews as theprimary method of collecting data. The questionnaire was made by theresearchers.Definition of Terms            The following terms are defined operationallyand theoretically for better understanding of the study:            Lived Experiences.

Livedexperiences the way that a person lived their experiences in life andunderstands the real meaning of life. lived meaning to describe the aspects ora situation as experienced by the person in it (Van Manen 1990.p.183).             In this study the lived experiences of singlemothers are the day to day encounter that they have.

            Single Mother. Single mother is a Female SoloParent as stipulated under Republic Act 8972, also known as the Solo ParentWelfare Act of 2000.             This study specifically classifiedthe single mothers as those who are unmarried, separated, abandoned wife and ordue to the death of her husband, who raised and cared their children alone. 


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