Chapter 1: IntroductionProject managementhas been in existence since time immemorial, from the construction of theancient Egyptian pyramids to the industrial revolutions of 1760’s through1840’s in Europe a nd the United States. However, the termproject management was not used until the 1950’s when some companies begun tocreate tools and techniques such as the Program Evaluation and Review Technique(PERT) by the US defense contractor, RAND and Critical Path Analysis by thechemical company, Du Pont for the planning of their production activities, andthe later establishment of project management professional institutions (IPMA1965 and PMI 1969). So, projects have played major and important rolefor organizations because projects provide competitive edge to organization.Projects make organizations leader in their respective field (Rad and Levin,2006).Project hastherefore become integral part of modern organizations, both profit andnon-profit oriented.

However, the success or failure of an organization inachieving the project’s objectives is to a large extent depends on theknowledge and skills of the project manager (the person assigned by the sponsorto lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives).This thesis isto explain the general application for project management methods to manageStart-ups Company by analyzing this application in the course of action of areal-life-project in the startups company. The thesis has been divided into twomain parts. In the first part, I will be reviewing some selected projectmanagement literatures that will help in the analysis of the second part by wayof choosing the best possible tools and techniques which will help analyze achosen project as a case study. In the second part, I will beanalyzed and assess a project ,business development of uses project managementmethods and effectiveness of tis methods on performance of startups company andhow this method make this companies achieving targets by successfully way. Inthis thesis, I will be analyzing the course of action, thus the projectmanagement 16  Processes and project management knowledge areasthat were applied to execute the project by the project manager and her team.Also we need to say that ironically,there are increasingly failures in the execution of majority of these projectsdue to a number of reasons, chiefly amongst them, lack of proper projectmanagement methodology.

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A recent study that explored theconcept of effectiveness and efficiency of project management 2 pointed outthat within the field of project management the concepts of efficiency andeffectiveness are commonly used but rarely defined. The distinction betweenproject efficiency and project effectiveness is not yet clearly identified butin the field of quality management the concept of effectiveness and efficiencyis applied in a defined way such as, efficiency is to do things right and onthe other hand effectiveness is doing the right things.     1.1.  The objective of the thesis  The objective of thisthesis is analyze the course actions of project methods, business developmentbased on establishing business plan for Startup Company and assesses theeffectiveness of the methodology used to carry out the project. Whereappropriate, possible suggestions would be made as to how similar projects canbe improved in the future by a rightful selection of project management toolsand techniques.     1.

2.  Methodology The research is divided intotwo main parts; in the first part is literature study about theoreticallearning about project management and effective methods. In this theoreticalpart, the author discuss about the definition of a project and the nature ofproject management. In the second part will be practical part will use themethods of project management to establishing steel structure company asstart-ups, and how these methods affect the performance of the company andachieve the strategic goals for start-ups. And this will give us a clearerpicture as to whether a proper project management methodology was used from theproject’ initiation, planning through its closing bearing in mind, and there isno single way of managing projects.

        Chapter 2: The literature part and theory.2.1 project management overview.Firstly let us question is there are different betweenproject management and general management in organizations?   


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