Chapter 123) Title: David. Museo Nazionale del Bargello,Florence.Compare and contrast Donatello’s David and theKritian Boy.Donatello’s David statue is made of bronze where asthe Kritain Boy was made of Marble. Both Donatello’s David and the Kritian Boywere both nude.

The Kritain Boy had rounded body forms and calm expressions.Donatello’s David was an arrogant statue that had David standing on the head ofhis enemies head. The statue of David shows him being a heroic figure with asword and boots and the Kritian boy is very plan without any clothing. Chapter 1311) Title: View of whole ceiling, Sistine Ceiling.

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Explain how Michelangelo subdivided the ceiling forhis painting. Michelangelo painted stone moldings to divide theceiling. The stone moldings that he drew depicted 9 scenes from the Genesis.

These paintings included the drunkenness of Noah, The Flood, Sacrifice of Noah,Temptation and Expulsion, Creation of Eve, Creation of Adam, Separation of Landfrom Water, Creation of Sun, Moon and Planets and the Separation of Light fromDarkness. Triangular sections were then created. These sections showed eightscenes of Jesus ancestors.  17) Title: Interior, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.What two important paintings by Michelangelo areseen in this interior view?Michelangelo had the privilege of painting most ofthe interior of the Sistine chapel. His most famous works of art is the LastJudgment and the Creation of Adam. The Creation of Adam is almost in the middleof the ceiling of the chapel.

The scene shows the moment when God gave Adamlife. The Last Judgment was painted in front of the alter in the chapel. Thiswork of art shows humans efforts to make it to heaven. Chapter 1423) Title: Baldacchino. (Chair of Peter shrine. c.

1657-66. Pier decorations. c. 1627 – 41.) St.

Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome.Define baldacchino in this architectural context?Baldacchino is in the Vatican in Rome. TheBaldacchino is a 100 feet high canopy over the alter of St. Peters.

Built in 1633,this canopy’s bronze columns twist for a dramatic and extravagant style. Manyreligious symbols are on this piece of architecture. Honeybees, suns and Laurelleaves are significant to honor Urban VIII and his family. A winding grapevinesand a cross also represent religious symbolism in this piece. Chapter 1738) Title: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters,No.

43 from Los Caprichos (The Caprices). The Hispanic Society of America, NewYork. Identify the figure at the center of the picture.The Sleep of Reason Produces Monster has manymonster such as bats, owls and cats in the middle of the picture.

In front ofthe monsters is a person who the artiest is showing as the reason. The personis asleep during the night. The artist is making an angry observation of hisbelieves of the Spanish morals.

Essentially stating that he believed Spanishhad foolish ways and they needed to be awoken to a voice of reason. 


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