CHAPTERVSUMMARY, CONCLUSION ANDRECOMMENDATIONS Thischapter are the summary of all the chapters that the researchers conducted.

Theconclusion is based on the gathered data during the evaluation of the systemand recommendations given by the researchers. SUMMARYOF FINDINGS     The following are the summary of findings:1. Themost encountered problems of the OJT Head and Coordinator’s in every parametersare :Too muchpaper works; Time  consuming; Consolidationof reports is time consuming and take a lot of effort; Scheduling of OJTvisitation is tidiness job specially when there are numerous number ofstudent-trainee; Late submission of evaluation form; Difficulty in contactingstudent-trainee when they are needed.2.  The propose system is highly  acceptable for the OJT Head and OJTCoordinator’s in terms of  Completeness,Accuracy, Reliability and Functionality. 3..

  The propose system is highly  acceptable for the student-trainee in termsof submission of requirements, Feedback elicitation and communication arehighly acceptable.4. Thepropose system is very satisfied for OJT Head and OJT  Coordinators in terms of Record Management,Computation of Grades, Report Generation, OJT evaluation, OJT visitation,communication.CONCLUSIONSBasedon the findings above, the conclusions were drawn:1.The manual system cannot support the needs of the users completely.

2. Thelevel of acceptability can improve  themanual system.3. Theproposed system is more useful and acceptable for the student-trainee.

4.Theproposed system can be more useful and improve the manual system. RECOMMENDATIONForfuture researchers, it is recommended to further study the proposed system toincrease awareness in developing such information system.  WORKCITEDDavid,”OJT Online System” 2009King”The Training” 2008Kraignerand Salas, ” All About Training” 2013JCMcDowell,” The Data Analysis System (DAS)”. 2009H.Reisinger,”Appointment System”.

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