Chances square measure, you won’t have detected of Mauritania. Visitors flying to Mauritanie can arrive within the country’s capital, Nouakchott. the town has full-grown quickly in recent years and reflects the poorness of the country – battered Mercedes lumber past donkey-drawn carts and goats on unclean roads and kids thrust tacky gifts into your hands whereas making an attempt to alleviate you of your money. However, locals square measure friendly and cheery – teams of ladies move like shoals of tropical fish with their brightly-coloured dresses, silver trinkets and broad smiles, whereas the boys wear ancient, sky-blue ‘darra’ robes and smoke musky tobacco in fine crafted pipes made of copper, silver, ebony and bone. When in national capital, a visit to the Plage des Pecheurs (Fishermen’s Beach) could be a should. The beach is regarding ten minutes’ drive from the town centre and is best visited in late afternoon, because the sun sets and also the smell of gutted fish is a smaller amount resistless.

The white-sand beach stretches for miles, swarming with industrious men in meretricious yellow oilskins and outsized wellingtons loading donkey carts with fish. It’s dotted with thousands of long, bright painted boats and the fishermen sing loudly as they haul their vessels in and out of the ocean. Their wives and mothers sit within the shade of the boats, descaling and filleting fish with a deft flick of a knife, gossipmongering all the whereas. Nouakchott is not, however, the highlight of Mauritanie, thus you’ll wish to maintain together with your exploration of the country. the most effective thanks to do that is to travel with a neighborhood guide and driver-cum-chef during a4x4, staying in simple auberges in cities and Bedouin-style tents in the desert.

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Mauritania’s sand dunes square measure on a par with those of South West Africa in terms of beauty however associate with the superimposedbonus of being infinitely less huddled with fellow tourists. The desert here is genuinely deserted, deed you liberated toimmerse yourself in its distinctive textures, sights and sounds.


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