Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to society. Censorship in America is negatively impacting its citizens by withholding information, not letting people speak their minds, and deal with reality.

Censorship is mostly in communist countries and is not commonly used in English-speaking countries, but sometimes you can find it in America today. For example, there are some books that kids are not allowed to read in school. Also, censorship violates people’s rights, to mostly freedom. People should also have the right to know everything that they want to know about their society without information being underreported or ignored. All in all, censorship has a negative impact on all subjects and in societies.Everyone should have the right to speak freely. An article on communication states, “The free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most precious rights of a man; every citizen may therefore speak, write, and print freely” (Britannica 1). This quote is saying that the freedom of communicating is one of the most important rights to humans.

It says that thought and opinion should be able to be spoken without any restrictions. That right should not be taken away because of censorship. People should have the ability to speak freely without fear or censorship. First of all, censorship in America has a negative impact on academia. Academic freedom is never unlimited due to censorship. Teachers and students should have the freedom to look into any subject that concerns them without censorship. An article on academic freedom states, “It’s basic elements that include the freedom of teacher to inquire into any subject that invokes their intellectual concern… without control or censorship” (Britannica 1). They should be able to pursue knowledge without unreasonable interference or restriction from the law.

According to society the justification for academic freedom is only when academics benefit society. The interest of society is best served when education leads to the benefits of society and the advance of knowledge. So academic freedom in society is not in the comfort or convenience of the student, but instead in the benefits to society. In addition, journalism also has censorship. Censorship in journalism is primarily in communist governments because the press is owned by the state. On account of this the news in communist countries has to support the goals of the state and the ideology of the state. This means that only the positive achievements of communist states are reported or stressed by the media and the failings are underreported or ignored.

This demanding censorship has influenced journalism in communist countries. An article on journalism states, “the press enjoyed the maximum amount of freedom in most english speaking countries and in countries in western Europe” (Britannica 1). In America, though the press enjoys varying degrees of freedom that does not necessarily mean they report everything. The American government does not tell the public everything and they keep certain things classified. This censorship is not okay because the public should know everything that is going on in their government and society. They should be able to know this without it being hidden from the news sources. Even though the press does have the freedom to report, they sometimes use discretion and occasionally the use of self censorship on things that would embarrass the government to a strict and omnipresent censorship.

So even if the journalist have the freedom of report what they want, they don’t know everything and even use self censorship. It is not fair to the citizens that they don’t have access to every bit of information due to this censorship. All in all, censorship in America is negatively impacting American citizens in the world today. Citizens should have access to whatever information they want to know without said information be withheld. Citizens should also be able to speak their minds without fear of censorship.

Events should not be underreported or ignored just because the government does not wish that information to be available. Censorship violates people’s rights and their freedom and that is not correct. If we continue to have censorship by the government could eventually lead to a more communist society in America.


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