Case:  MasterpieceCakeshop, Ltd. v.

Colorado Civil Rights Commission Brief Summary:  This is a pending, open case in the United StatesSupreme Court involving Charlie Craig and David Mullins, a same-sex couple fromColorado, whose order for a custom-made wedding cake was denied by JackPhillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop and a devout Christian who did notbelieve in same-sex marriage.  Mr. Craigand Mr. Mullins then filed charges against Mr. Phillips on the grounds of discriminationunder the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).

  The initial lawsuit, Craig v. MasterpieceCakeshop, resulted in a ruling favoring the plaintiffs.  After the decision was upheld on appeal, thecase was brought to the Supreme Court. With supporters coming from all sides, including the American CivilLiberties Union, Alliance Defending Freedom, and even an opinion from the TrumpAdministration, this is a case whose outcome has enormous implications for gayrights, religious liberty, and future anti-discrimination lawsuits. Issue:  Though Colorado’s Discrimination in Places ofPublic Accommodation law forbids businesses from denying services to persons ofa protected class based on their sexual orientation, the issue in this case iswhether or not requiring a business owner to produce an artistic work that goesagainst his religious beliefs is in violation of the First Amendment’s FreeSpeech Clause and/or the Free Exercise Clause. Discussion:  I chose this particular case because it iscurrent and widely talked about, with opposing sides arguing with what I feel arecompletely valid, logical arguments.

  Ifeel both parties are having some aspect of their rights impinged upon, nomatter how one looks at it.  What is themeaning of religious freedom if, Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop,is forced by law to do something against his beliefs?  At the same time, it is wrong and, in myopinion, poor business practice, to discriminate against certain people basedon their sexual orientation, to the extent that the business would ratherrefuse services and profits than serve a same-sex couple.  It truly is a controversial topic, and I lookforward to exploring this case further in order to form a more definitiveopinion on the matter.  WorkingOutline:        I.           IntroductionA.     Brief Overview ofPaperB.

     Thesis Statement     II.           BodyA.     Detailed Summaryof Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado CivilRights CommissionB.     Laws and StatutesRelated to Case                                                           1.     Colorado RevisedStatutes 24-34-601 (Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation)                                                           2.

     Freedom of SpeechClause of the First Amendment                                                           3.     Free ExerciseClause of the First AmendmentC.     Relation to BusinessLaw Topics Studied in Class                                                           1.     Legal Terms andDefinitions Per TextbooksD.    Related andSimilar CasesE.     PersonalCommentary and OpinionF.      Implications of Outcome   III.

           ConclusionA.     Summary of PointsDiscussedB.     Closing Remarks


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