Case StudyThe new Kickstarter Company – Apption Labs Ltd.

, hasdeveloped their first product the MEATER – A Wireless Thermometer. SituationTheir main headquarters, based in USA, has been getting anincrease of sales since their changed from ‘Pre-Order Only’ to ‘Shipping Now’.As the website’s domain is also based in USA, many customers from all over theworld order from this one domain. There has been an uprising problem of custompayments and VAT pay due to the domain being located in the USA for othercountries. The team are being asked to design and implement astructure/software where there will also be a domain available for EU, andother International countries – as the product has spread its popularity widelyworldwide.SolutionDevelopment team creates a domain for EU, International andAustralia (as it operates slightly differently) so customers can order theirpurchases through these websites instead of it going through all the US site.Company creates a base in UK and an appropriate location forinternational shipping so customs and vat can be avoided and will easecustomers when ordering.

RecommendationA Dynamic Systems Development approach would be best forthis scenario. As it is a Kickstarter Company, their team will not be big, butwill be small to medium. It is more efficient for smaller teams to producequality and fast paced production in this case.The team first set a budget and a deadline to when theyshould finish this in order to retain customer satisfaction and not lose out onsales. Each domain will be set and will be tested under a prototype ensuringthe currency values and information displayed for the customers depending ontheir region/country is correct.Discussion will then be made ensuring that they are able tobudget well for the project as shipping from multiple stations and not just theUSA can save a lot on shipping costs for the company.

Customers orders will then be split according to theirdomain, and development team creates multiple email addresses for customersupport to easily maintain and track orders from different countries. USA teamwill then only focus on USA/Canada orders, tracking numbers and shipping – and EUteam will handle EU and rest of the world for now. The team will then slowly increment creating a base for Asia/Australiato even reduce shipping costs and split the tracking and customer orders systembetter.


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