The Educational Technology faculty is the integrative part of Northern Colorado State University. The University offers the Master of Arts and the doctor of Philosophy degrees in Educational Technology. According to the admission criteria for the Graduate School, each applicant should write about his/her career goals in this educational establishment. Consequently, the aim of the paper is to outline the career goals for a student, who wants to study at the Educational Technology faculty. As the Master of Arts degree is aimed to develop knowledge and skills in the spheres of instructional system analysis, media design and computer applications, it seems to be not so difficult to outline the career goals an applicant would have. The Doctor of Philosophy degree prepares professionals: scholars, consultants and researchers. The graduators have profound knowledge on the use of technology in educational settings.

Thus, if a student wants to apply for one of these degrees, he/she should pursue the goals that can be realized owing to the Educational Technology faculty. One of the spread and reasonable career goal for an applicant is to achieve success in the field of educational technology. A graduator of this faculty will take an active part in the educational process, and will use technological devices as means destined to optimize the educational and training process for the benefit of both teachers and students. For this, necessary knowledge and skills in instructional system analysis, media design and computer applications will help.

The Educational Technology faculty allows its graduators dedicate themselves to the teaching, and scientific work. This can be the basic career goal. If an applicant wants to be a successful teacher in this field, it is necessary to possess not only profound knowledge and skills, but educational experience, as well.

Moreover, the future teacher supposes to know all advantages of educational technology. As this includes software, hardware, Internet applications and activities, educational technology accumulates and keeps considerable amount of educational and training information, and help to improve human performance owing to technological and human resources, combined in educational and training process. A true teacher should facilitate the learning process with the help of educational technologies. If an applicant wants to be engaged in scientific work connected with educational technology, he/she should take an active part in the special programs during the course of study. It supposes investigative, research, and creative work. The scientific activity is intended to be directed for the improvement and development of educational technology. One can elaborate theories, practice different approaches, write educational materials based on personal scientific achievements.

Why does an applicant want to study at the Educational Technology faculty of Colorado University? Some people want to apply their knowledge and skills in different spheres of human professional activity; some of them want to dedicate themselves to the educational technology, being a researcher or a teacher in this field. However, both degrees of this faculty make any person literate in the sphere of educational and training processes, where educational technology is applied. Thus, educational technology can be considered as a tool for further, and many-sided personal development, and the core of the professional sphere for those who want to be engaged in the active and creative process of this discipline. The career goals of any applicant depend on the life context, where knowledge and skills will be applied. Regardless from the goals, the Educational Technology faculty remains one of the essential faculties in the modern education and the world, as well.


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