capacitor One of the most common users of the capacitor is flash cameraCapacitor: it is a device that has the abilityto store potential energy and electric charge by two conductors   has the same charge but opposite sign andcharge will transform from the positive plat to the negative During this process work must occur to transfer the charges throughthe potential difference between the conductor                            The symbols of the capacitor in electric circle    Equtions:C=q/vab   ; c is a capacitance , q is a charge, vab is a volte between a and bThe units of capacitance is F (farad)Also we can find a capacitance by C=£0A/d£0 is the permittivity in space andhas value 8.85×10^-12, A is area , d is thedistanceThe general equation for capacity that connected in  series; 1/Cequvelant=  For two capacitors C1,C2 connected  in series we haveCequvelant= c1*c2/c1+c2        The general equation forcapacity that connected        In parallel; cequvelant=                   C equvelant= c1+c2+c3+….Total work doneU=w=0.5q^2/c=0.5cv^2=0.

5qvEnergy density u= 0.5 £o E^2  The formula for capacitance of parallel plat capacitor filled withdielectric material isC=kC0 =k£0A/d; C0 is capacitor without dielectric£0 is permittivity in free spacecapacitor typesCeramic Capacitorscapacitorsare Generally superior to other species and therefore can be used in wideranges of application.  AluminumElectrolytic Capacitor- an overview, information or tutorial about the basics of the aluminiumelectrolytic capacitor: its construction, properties and the uses of theelectrolytic capacitorTantalum capacitors- an overview,information or tutorial about the basics of the tantalum capacitor: itsconstruction, properties and the uses of tantalum capacitors.Polyester Capacitor:Mylar PET- Although not as widely usedthese days, the polyester capacitor often called the Mylar capacitor canprovide an ideal solution to many capacitor requirements.Polypropylene Capacitor: PPMetallized FilmAn overview, information ortutorial about the basics of the polypropylene capacitor: its construction,metallized polypropylene capacitors; film capacitors; technical information,properties and applicationsGlass capacitors-An overview or tutorial aboutthe basics of the glass capacitor, its construction, properties and the uses ofglass dielectric capacitors particularly in RF circuitsSupercapacitor Supercap orUltracapacitor- An overview or tutorial aboutthe supercapacitor or supercap, also known as an ultracapacitor or double layercapacitor which provides a very high level of capacitance.Application Mostapplication of capacitor about store and release energy and One of the mostcommon users of the capacitor is flash camera , pulsedlasers, air bag sensors for cars, and radio and television receivers.



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