By- Noopur BhadoriaEarlier, people used to buy toys that their children can play and pass their time with. Dolls, cars, teddy bears topped the best toys list. Parents loved it when their children find these toys amazing and play with them all the time. They would just carry them around and will absolutely love them.

However, the days when people preferred these toys for their growing children are gone, nowadays people search for the toys that are not only interesting to play with, but also helps the children to learn a thing or two about science? Nowadays, kids are inclined towards the technical things and parents prefer to buy educational robots for their young children. Teaching basic things about robotics to the children is the quick and convenient way to direct a child’s interest in science. By the time they actually finish building, designing and decorating these robots, they get a brand new toy that is hand-built and decorated.

Many schools have been introducing robotics clubs, which helps them to encourage children in pursuing a career in science and technology. All the parents who are still unaware of the benefits of the robot toys, and want to know how it is beneficial for their child; some of them are mentioned below: • The children will find it engaging and fun.Younger children are always up for something which is unique and new, and that is why they will find challenges and competitions involving robots more interesting and engaging. Moreover, the parents will be assured that their children are getting occupied in something interactive and fruitful.• It’s an excellent way to introduce programming to the child.

Programming will sound utterly boring and unyielding to a kid, but if they are able to control a robot, they may want to learn about designing a robot and coding as well.• It enhances a child’s cognitive skills as well as learning skills.These toys help a parent in increasing a child’s cognitive and learning skills at a young age. By creating and designing these robots a child learns to focus and engage in technical things in a playful way. • These education robots can build technical skills in the children which can also help them in the future.It is believed that in the coming time, there would be a huge demand for the people who are proficient in programming and coding different kinds of mechanical devices.

Gradually, a child may develop interest in science and robotics at a young age, and he or she might have a wonderful future in science or robotics.Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are many more things these robotic kits can offer the kids. By indulging in these toys they will learn while they enjoy their play time. Moreover, the parents wouldn’t have to worry about the PC or mobile addiction the child might have.

Robotic kits are exactly what one needs to foster the child’s imagination and attention in a healthy direction.KinderLab Robotics is an online store that offers the best robotics kits such as KIBO at competitive prices. It also offers the top student assessments, workbooks and KIBO for the teacher’s training. A person can order an individual robotic kit as well. KIBO will enable the child enhance their learning and reasoning skills in a playful manner. Purchase the robotic kit today for the better future of the children.

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