By late summer, news of what happened at the farm is spreading all over country.

Napoleon sends birds to spread the news of what happened on the farm. Mr. Jones tries to get help from other farmers but no one helps him.Snowball studied Julius Caesar and expected this kind of attack. He sent first couple fleets of birds to attack, then to retreat which gave the humans an idea that they won the battle, so when they walked back to the gate. During the battle a horse named boxer accidentally killed a man. Snowball ensures that killing a man was good.

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Snowball had an idea to build a windmill to automate the work on the farm. Napoleon thought this was a bad idea because they would starve trying to build it. So they had 2 meeting to debate the idea Napoleon and Snowball could not come to an agreement.

Napoleon commands the dogs he has been raising to attack Snowball and chases him and the exile him. Napoleon says he is the only leader and he was the only person who made rules. Napoleon also said that there would be no more meeting.

Squealer makes up a story that snowball was a traitor and was a traitor all along. With Snowball gone, Squealer and Napoleon explain that all along Napoleon never disliked the idea of a windmill, he just said he didn’t as a tactic to oppose to Snowball and to get rid of Snowball.They worked very hard all year to build the windmill. The pigs made them start working on Sundays, which was unlike before. If they didn’t work they couldn’t eat.

The animals were eager for more work because they were no longer working for humans, but working for themselves so they wanted to. After a lack of resources Napoleon starts trading with Mr. Whymper, from Willingdon. Which was not against 7 commandments because it did not forbid trading of money.

The pigs moved into the farmhouse. When animals questioned if that was against the rules, Squealer said no and blamed Snowball for spreading rumors if they still believed that. A massive storm hits the farm and makes the windmill fall down. Napoleon claims that snowball sabotaged it and offers apples to the person who kills the traitor.


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