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Credit Suisse Asset Management company wants to enter the Indian market to expand its market share, but before starting with that the company needs a deep analysis of the market in which it wants to operate. It will start from the Porter’s 5 forces to analyze the market and then build on that analysis a

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An organisation’s culture is considered a potential source of competitive advantage, particularly when it enables organisations to do things differently from others facing the same environmental constraints (Barney, 1986; Spender, 1989; Christenson ; Gordon, 1999). This paper will critically discuss the contention that an organisation’s culture is a powerful tool that managers can create and

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Intelligence plays an important role in American lifestyle from childhood in taking Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests at school to Emotional Intelligence (EI) in developing skills at the workplace. Daniel Goldman in his works on EI exposes the importance of acquiring and expanding EI skills for success in business. EI training modules conducted by a human

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We believe that a different culture in China will influence the organization both internally and externally. The internal here refers to the organizational behavior, such as human resources management, communication as well as company operational; whereas the external refers to Marketing strategy and relationship with the locals. Based on a study from Geert Hofstede, he

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In today’s business world, most businesses are using the inventory system called Just In Time. What does this mean? Well the Just-In-Time System or the J-I-T system is a system that orders the right quantity of goods at the correct time. As our power point presentation states in this module, “not late & not early

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This is a very internal view of the environment and Handy needs to consider the external environment when considering leader impact as that can be just as crucial a constraint on a leader as the internal environment. Within the umbrella of External Environment are customers, shareholders, competitors, financial markets, human resource markets, government agencies, supply


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