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In a Burger King restaurant the hierarchy starts with the Restaurant Manager assisted by a Senior Assistant Manager, an Assistant Manager and two managers. Supervisors assist them and at the bottom of the hierarchy are the staff. The Restaurant manager tends to be very autocratic but is sometimes open to suggestions. He or she believes that

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Nowadays, transformational leadership is considered a popular theory among the vast number of leadership theories that have evolved over the years. In the contemporary ever-changing world, situations often demand change and transformational leadership could possibly fit in that context. Its conceptual validity and relationship to effectiveness have been well established by numerous researchers (Lowe et

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Negotiation is a very common phenomenon. It is a process that takes place in everyday life when two or more people have conflicting interests and they want to reach a common solution that benefits them both. In business life, it is widely used to form business relations in order to offer both parties some benefits.

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CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 IntroductionThe studyseeks to examine the influence of strategic leadership traits on organizationalperformance. For this study strategic leadership traits measured in terms ofleaders’ communication skills, commitment and innovativeness will be the independentvariable and organizational performance will be the dependent variable.Thischapter presents that the background of thestudy, statement of the problem, purpose of study, specific

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Observation of patient experienceAn observation of patient experience was undertaken by a nurse clinical observer (CO) and a lay-member ‘Ken’ (pseudonym) of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in the Minor Injuries waiting area of a community hospital.  The purpose of which was to enable the CO to reflect and challenge her perception of clinical environments

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When Leadership has Impact Good leadership determines an organization’s stability when the storm hits. Besides, good leadership increases productivity in an organization (Bartel 71). Employees feel at ease to offer their skills and this maximizes their performance. Managers also have an easy time running companies that have good leadership styles. However, successful leadership does not


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