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Under Bulgaria’s former tri-party coalition (2005-2009), Bulgaria joined the EU. Up to 2009, the country enjoyed increasing GDP growth and higher employment, but since Q4, 2008, it has been severely affected by the global financial meltdown. The latest parliamentary elections (July, 2009) were won by the centre-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), led

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There is no uncertainty that nowadays globalisation brings chances for companies to spread out their concern activities easy to take advantages of other state ‘s growing through puting activities. However, before puting to abroad, a company should do a careful scrutiny of the state they are meaning to put in particularly the industry related to

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ENTERPRENEURSHIPCompany TrendsCompany trends involvethe statistical analysis of historical data over a period of time. If the datashows increase, decrease, or constant figures, then there exists a trend.Different businesses of different sizes predict their future performance usingsuch data.There are differentaspects of a company’s trend. They include:1.      FinancingThere are various sources of finance in the businessmarket. A

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How Davenport derived the new theory of value andcostHerbert Davenport (1861-1931)changed Karl Menger’s subjectivism. Subjectivism attempts to trace theindividual costs of supply costs or factors of production back to thepreferences of individuals as the ultimate consumer role. Davenport changed thetheory, saying that the tracking process from the origin one must always baseon the reality economic

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IntroductionThisessay will review the new junior cycle reform in the Irish Education Systemwith reflection on the teachers role in implementation the new curriculum using the principles of Assessment for Learning (AfL) and principles of Assessment of Learning (AoL)with reference to the new Business Studies Junior Certificate curriculum. EducationAccording to Farooq (2012) ‘Education is a process in which and by which the

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Born and brought up in a business family, all my life, I had the desire to follow my grandfather and father, & bring new innovations to our existing pharmaceutical family business.During my holidays, while assisting my father with the office work & production in the factory, I had a vision of expanding our existing business

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Thepioneering spirit changed into alive andproperly in Pioneer times (Perkins, 1989), however, in last some decade of therepublic the embers of entrepreneurship have been ventilating into an excellent flame that has persisted to convertthe united states to this very day. The various elements of capitalism in which it has been recognized and studied by modern-day

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In this age, competition is becoming stiffer for companies and businesses. At the same time consumers are becoming more complex and aware of their rights and end up demanding for better services and products. There is therefore only one way that companies can survive in this market and this is by identifying and seizing opportunities

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Summary of the article According to Statistics Canada, about fifty percent of new businesses close within the first four years of their existence (Jarman 17). In order to prevent the beginning entrepreneurs from immediate failure in the world of business, several guidelines are provided by experienced and successful businesspeople. Initially, it is significant to establish

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Introduction Dale Bumpers was born in 1925 and brought up in Charleston, Arkansas. When he was a young boy, the U.S. underwent through the Great Depression forcing Bumpers to do odd jobs to support his family. Bumpers spent the better part of the Great depression working in farms, canneries, and even acted as the hearse

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Introduction Madam C. J. Walker was an African American businesswoman and a philanthropist who had a company that dealt with hair products for black women. Her company was known as Madam C. J. Walker manufacturing company and later on in her career life, she founded a beauty training school by the name Leila college for

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1. Executive Summary The main objective of this research paper is to carry out a comprehensive analysis about the Coca-Cola Company. In so doing, the paper would focus on exemplifying an appropriate company background of Coca-Cola, considering the financial overview of the company, and most importantly, formulating a problem statement of the company along with

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Proposed research topic The challenges that small scale business in Turkey face when competing with multinationals and large-scale business. The research will finally devise a way that the government can assist in development of small-scale businesses (SMEs). Introduction Republic of Turkey is the sixth largest Turkic country, located in Southeastern Europe. The country ranks number

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We areliving in an era where the globalization and connectivity of new technologiesin the business world and the everyday life of society are increasingly united,in recent years have witnessed a tremendous transformation in the relationshipbetween business and society. Today we talk about corporate socialresponsibility; “Edward Freeman initiated what is known as stakeholdertheory: if the shareholders


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