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4.         Nelson was a Britishnaval commander. Bornon 29 September 1758 in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, Horatio Nelson was the sixthof the 11 children of a clergyman. He joined the navy aged 12, on a shipcommanded by a maternal uncle. He became a captain at 20. As a commander he wasknown for bold action, and the occasional

This of doing business and different world views.

 This essay focuses on the importance of culture andmanagement of culture in terms of organization perspective. This essay willalso be focusing on cross-border culture alignment and strategic approachtowards it.  Hofstede defined culture asacknowledged standards, qualities and practices that push employees to behaveaccordingly (Hofstede, 1980). This affects everything an organization does,from recruitment-selection to decision-making. Usually, Culture

Leadership is a topic that has been discussed

Leadership is a topic that has been discussedand debated over the years. Generally, leadership appears to be continually evolving:from the 1920s belief of ‘impressing the will of the leader on those led’ to believing’Leadership is an influence relationship between leaders and followers’ in the1990s (Ciulla, 2004). However, these extremes are still debated. There are numerous

Lessons for an Accidental Profession

Lessons for an Accidental Profession Jeffrey K, Pinto and Om P. Kharbanda rejects and project management are the wave of the future in global business. Increasingly technically complex products and processes, vastly shortened time-to-market windows, and the need for cross-functional expertise make project management an important and powerful tool in the hands of organizations that


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